Why Kayaking is so Popular?

Are you wondering why kayaking is so popular? Maybe you are considering taking up kayaking.

Kayaking has been around for many years. It is not like a fad, where it is was popular one day and gone the next.

It seems that Kayaking’s popularity has been increasing over the years.

Okay, so why is kayaking so popular? 

Kayaking is popular and for good reason. It is a low impact outdoor activity that improves physical and mental health. It is also a fun way to spend time outdoors with family and friends.

Now I have answered the main question, we’ll explore in detail why kayaking is so popular. 

Spending time with nature 

Kayaking is a great way to spend time with friends and family exploring nature’s waterways.

There is an abundance of waterways that can be explored.

Kayaking can take you places otherwise you would not be able to see from land. 

Spending time with nature has health benefits.

It has a calming effect on the brain reducing anxiety and stress. Making people happier. 

Kayaking and canoeing can be peaceful and meditative or can be exhilarating – depending on where and how you do it.

Peaceful if going on a calm lake, river, or ocean.

Not so peaceful and more exhilarating if going down fast-flowing rapids.

Both are great depending on what you are after.

Kayaking with friends 

Kayaking is a great way to get out and reconnect with friends.

This can be done by exploring lakes, rivers, and oceans.

If you are kayaking in a tandem kayak you will need to work as a team. You will soon learn if you’re not in sync.

Or if your partner is not putting in as much effort paddling as you.

If you don’t have kayaking friends there are local kayaking communities in most places.

Meet-up groups are a great place to start.

Not only will you get the chance to kayak but also the opportunity to make new friends kayaking.

Kayaking is easy to learn

Most new physical activities take time to learn. This is not the case with kayaking.

Kayaking is one of the activities you can easily figure out.

Basically there are really two ways a kayak can go.

Either forwards or backward. You will soon figure out how to paddle so you are heading in the right direction.

If it helps I have written another article on this, that includes the basic types of kayaking strokes and how to perform them.

Kayaking is affordable

The entry-level cost of a kayak is $250. Very few sports are as affordable as kayaking.

Few other sports offer their equipment at such as affordable level.

If you wanting to try kayaking before you buy, borrow one from a friend or hire a boat for a few hours.

If you haven’t kayaked before go with a friend who has or has lessons.

A kayaking rental place might be able to provide you with lessons free of charge.

If you do buy a kayak and looked after and kept out of the sun when stored as kayak should last forever.

Kayaking is a great workout

Kayaking has it all. Its great workout for strength building, cardiovascular fat-burning workout.

Increasing the paddling tempo the more intense the workout will be.

Strength Building

Kayaking with the right technique increases muscle strength, particularly arms, legs, back, and torso. 

Cardiovascular Fitness

Low impact on joints whilst improving cardiovascular fitness.

Getting the blood pumping around the body.

Fat Burning

According to research, 1/2 hour of medium level kayaking can burn 400 calories.

If you wanting to burn more that it just a matter of increasing the intensity and/or the duration.


When kayaking you’re only focusing one thing, and that’s paddling.

And that calms your mind making you feel relaxed.

Reducing any tension or anxiety you might have.

Final Thoughts

Kayaking is popular and for good reason.

It is a low impact outdoor activity that improves physical and mental health.

It is also a fun way to spend time outdoors with family and friends.

Kayaking is also an affordable way to spend time outside.

There’s the upfront cost of buying a kayak but ongoing maintenance costs are low. 

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