Why are Roof Top-Tents so expensive?

Are you lying awake in your Roof Top Tent wondering why Roof Top-Tents are so expensive? Or maybe you’re thinking about buying a Roof Top Tent and want to know why they are more expensive than just tents. 

Why are Roof Top-Tents so expensive? When comparing to a normal type of tent they are more expensive. For this reason, they are more complex in design. Importantly, the materials used to make Roof Top-Tent are more expensive. They include but not limited to aluminum poles, hinges, aluminum ladder, 2.5-inch foam mattress with a PVC hard floor.

More expensive rooftop tents will use canvas material, compared to cheaper rooftop tents that use a synthetic material.

Compared to a normal tent, manufacturing a roof-top tent is more labor-intensive. It involves more stitching and assembling all the components mentioned above.

Most occasions the seams on a roof-top tent need to be stitched twice, or even three times. Tents are only stitched once.

You might be able to find “cheaper” roof-top tents online. These tents will be using cheaper material and components such as synthetic material rather than the more expensive canvas.

When buying these “cheaper” tents double-check the specifications, warranty, and customer reviews from a variety of online review sites.

Buying a cheaper tent likely to only last a few years before it starts to fall apart. You will need to buy another tent to replace it. Buying cheaper tents no longer becomes the cheaper option.

When comparing a roof-top tent to an RV they are significantly cheaper.

Significantly cheaper when considering the cheapest RV would cost $10,000 and the highest cost at $150k.

Unlike an RV, Roof top-tents don’t require registration or insurance.

So in case you wanting to know how much quality tents are on the market see the summary below. If you are seeking a more detailed review check out this link.

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Summary of Best Roof-Top Tents

Below is a summary of the best rooftop tents on the market under 150 pounds

Name Price Weight
Floor Area
(Sq Ft)
Tepui Autana 3 $2000 138 38 52
Yakima SkyRise Medium $1600 138 38 52
Smittybilt Overlander $925 144 38 51
Tepui Kukenam 3 $1200 130 38 55
Front Runner Roof Top Tent $1,263 130 38 55

Final Thoughts

Roof Top-Tents may appear expensive. Especially when you compare to a tent.

However, when you consider all the material and effort required to build a roof-top tent its not apples to apple comparison.

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