Are Hammocks Warmer than Tents?

Are you thinking about camping in a hammock instead of a tent and worried about getting cold?

Sleeping in a tent on the cold ground can transfer the cold through your sleeping pad and sleeping bag making you cold.

One of the advantages of hammocks is you are hanging up above the ground away from the cold ground.

So are Hammocks Warmer than Tents? Generally speaking, tents are warmer than hammocks. Hammocks provide less wind and weather protection than tents. However, this can be fixed by providing wind protection and sleeping in warmer gear. 

Now I have answered the main question, would like to provide some detail around how to make your hammock warm, especially for winter conditions.

How a tarp will keep you warm in a hammock

As mentioned above setting up a tarp will block cold wind hitting your hammock while you’re sleeping.

If the wind is coming from a certain direction setting the tarp up blocking the wind.

Setting up an A-frame style tarp can protect you from wind and also rain from reaching your hammock, keeping you warm inside the hammock.

You can also buy a hammock that has an over-cover on it that layers over the top netting to hold in your body heat like a tent.

Making hammock warmer by increasing insulation

Making a hammock warmer is quite simple.

Placing a deflated camping pad into the hammock, or even folding up a blanket underneath can all be utilized to help keep you warmer.

I have also seen campers use quilts to place over themselves in the hammock. 

Some campers, particularly hikers prefer to use closed-cell foam (CCF) pads. There are affordable with many different types on the market.

For those wondering what CCF pads are, they air a closed-cell pad with air pockets built into it.

Does not require inflation with 20 inches in height and lightweight.

Photo Courtesy Therm-a-Rest Z lite Sol Ultralight Foam backpacking

Unlike sleeping pads, you don’t need to worry about punctures or having to inflate them.

The downside with CCF pads, although they are very light they can be bulky when rolled or folded up.

Photo Courtesy Therm-a-Rest Z lite Sol Ultralight Foam backpacking

Do I need a hammock Underquilt?

Yes, if the weather is cold its best to use a hammock under quilt.

If the weather is warm you can get away with not having an underquilt.

Photo OneTigris hammock underquilt

One of my favourite options to keep warm is the use of an underquilt.

Underquilts are like a lightweight sleeping bag that attaches to the underside of your hammock.

Providing insulation and acts as a wind barrier when hung beneath the hammock.

Underquilts can be used in conjunction with a sleeping pad or CCF (closed-cell foam), alternatively, underquilts can replace the need for sleeping pads or CCF. It’s really up to the camper. 

Do I need a sleeping bag in a hammock?

Yes, you will need a sleeping bag in a hammock unless it is very warm.

If it is very cold a winter rated sleeping bag (preferably insulated with Down-fill) is recommended.

Hot water bottle

Hot water bottles are an inexpensive way to keep yourself warm.

If you don’t have a hot water bottle fill up a normal water bottle with hot water.

Test the bottle for any leaks before going to bed. If the bottle is too hot, wrap layers of clothing around it.

Hot water bottles should keep you warm for many hours.  

Disposable heat warmers

Place disposable heat warmers in your pockets or at your feet.

These little packets can keep your warm and cosy for many hours. 

Wear thermals, beanies and socks

Wearing thermal clothing will help you warm. If comfortable wear layers of clothing.

Recommend wearing a beanie to prevent body heat escaping and also woollen socks. 

How cold is too cold for hammock camping?

So how cold is too cold for hammock camping,

It’s never too cold for hammock camping. So long as you are prepared with the right winter gear and set-up you will be warm.

Final Thoughts

Hammocks can be warmer or colder than tents depending on how they are both set-ups.

You can make both warmer and more enjoyable to sleep in during the winter months.

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