What are the benefits of Roof Top-Tent?

Thinking about buying a Roof Top-Tent? Are you wanting to know the benefits and why you would want to buy one? Or are you just curious to learn more?

Before you do go out and spend your hard-earned cash on a roof top-tent I have listed the benefits and why you should consider buying a roof top-tents.

There are numerous benefits to roof top-tents. Besides being able to sleep anywhere, they are comfortable and spacious to sleep in. They are easy to set up and down (less than 5 minutes). Roof Top Tents are a lot more affordable than buying an RV.

So now I have answered the main question, let’s explore the benefits in further detail.

What are the benefits of a Roof Top Tent?

Rooftop tents give you a fantastic view

Perched up high on the top of a roof provides a fantastic view of the surrounding environment, offering a fantastic vantage point when watching the sun go down.

Being perched up high also has the advantage of safety, especially in bear or crocodile country.

Sleeping in a rooftop tent is much safer than sleeping in a tent.

Some rooftop tents come with a sky window, that allows you to star gaze while lying down in bed.

This is a fantastic way to relax after a day trekking.

Rooftop tents are very comfortable

Rooftop tents feel more like a cozy bedroom than a tent.

They are very comfortable, most come built-in 2.5 inches think mattress foam.

If that’s not enough you can add your favorite mattress for extra comfort.

Sleeping in a rooftop tent can be made even more comfortable by sleeping with your favorite doona/duvet and pillow/s.

Sleeping in a tent on the cold ground has the disadvantage of the cold creeping up through your mattress into your sleeping bag, making you cold.

This is not an issue when you are raised up off the cold ground.

Rooftop tents are affordable

Most well recognized branded rooftop tents cost between $1,500 to $3,500. This is much cheaper than purchasing an RV.

Yes, roof top-tents are more expensive than a tent.

The reason being, the materials used to make roof top-tents are more expensive and labor-intensive than a tent.

I have another article that explores this in greater detail, why are roof top-tents so expensive

There are cheaper options (less than $1000) that can be purchased through eBay and Amazon, just need to check the quality of materials being used.

Cheaper tents are likely not to last as long.

Meaning, cheaper tents will need to be replaced more often.

Therefore, cheaper tents become more expensive than if you had bought a quality roof-top tent.

On this note, before buying a roof-top tent, check out internet reviews from multiple sites.

Unfavorable reviews will quickly identify problems roof top-tents.

An example of a quality branded rooftop tent is the Tepui Autana.

The Tepui Autana comfortably sleeps 3 people that comes with Large built-in mattress large sky windows and a 2.5″ foam mattress 3 people

The Explorer Series Autana 3 offers an extended private canopy entrance and includes a removable annex with PVC floor, side screened windows, and a rear door for easy access into your vehicle.

The extended private canopy can be used to get changed or a small room that you can eat dinner, play cards if the weather turns.

Rooftop tents are easy to set-up

Setting up a rooftop tent only takes around 5 minutes.

Setting up a rooftop tent is easier than setting up a tent.

You also don’t have to worry about having to pack a tent in the car.

To help, most rooftop tents come with hydraulics that make it easy to set-up.

Rooftop tents are easy to take down.

Taking down a rooftop tent is easy. Just need to remove your sleeping gear placing it in the vehicle,

Then disassemble the rooftop tent by folding it up.

Depending on your set-up this should not take anymore than 5 minutes.

If you are someone who is constantly traveling from spot to spot, rooftops tents are ideal.

You can set them up nearly everywhere

So you have been traveling all day and wanting to set-up your rooftop tent to get some sleep.

No problem, all you need to find is a secluded place.

If you live in North America Walmart seems to be a preferred option for overnight sleeping.

Otherwise, find a place that you are unlikely to be disturbed.

Fuel Consumption

Having an additional weight of a rooftop tent will have some impact on the ride and handling of your vehicle.

Particularly if you are going off-road.

There will also be an increase in your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Expect this increase to somewhere between 15-20% depending on the weight of the roof top-tent and your vehicle’s ability to carry the tent.

However, the impact of a rooftop tent will be less than if you were towing a camper trailer or caravan.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who is constantly traveling from spot to spot, rooftops tents are ideal.

If you are someone who only camps once or twice a year and at the same place for a number of days you are probably better of buying a tent.

Tents are also cheaper and involve less hassle of mounting roof racks and installing roof tent mounting.

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