Top tips for Beginner Campers

Camping is great and low cost. It’s a great way to reconnect with nature and spend time quality time with friends and family.

It can be daunting but does not have to be. Our top tips for beginner campers will help get have a positive camping experience. A positive enough experience that you go from being a beginner camper to an experienced camper!

Top tips for beginner Campers

Do I need a tent camping?

So, do I need a tent camping? Well, yes unless you have other sleeping options you will need a tent. Tents protect from insects, bugs, and other creatures. They also offer protection from the wind, rain, and cold temperature.

There are many different types and sizes of tents on the market.

Buying a tent is a big decision and investment that you want to get right. Or you could decide to borrow a friend’s tent or buy an entry-level tent to see if you will enjoy camping (ie try before you buy).

What sleeping gear do I need to take camping?

Okay, so what sleeping gear do I need to take camping? You will need a quality sleeping bag.

Camping doesn’t mean sleepless nights and sleep deprivation. It can get cold at night, even during warmer months. Depending on weather conditions you will need to consider the type of sleeping bag.

A quality sleeping bag should last for many years. If you are wanting to trial camping without having to spend a fortune you can always take your doona and pillow from home.

Sleeping on the ground likely to make for a terrible night’s sleep. Consider buying an inflatable mattress or stretcher.

What cooking gear should I take camping?

The campsite may have a BBQ or might be able to cook over a fire. Most campers prefer to camp with a portable gas stove which is quick and convenient.

To cook you will need to bring food, utensils, cups, and cutlery. Don’t forget to take basic staples and condiments like salt, pepper, cooking oil, vegemite, tea, coffee, sugar, sauce, and whatever you like to have on hand. If you put this in a sealed plastic container it can be re-used for later camping trips.

Don’t forget essentials such as cutlery, dishwashing detergent, a tub for cleaning and paper towels as well as these make a camping trip a whole lot easier! For healthy, tasty and easy food ideas and recipes check out this post

keep eating healthy when camping
Keep eating healthy whilst camping

What clothes should I take camping?

There is always a chance it could rain, the weather can change quickly. A good weatherproof jacket with some shoes or boots is recommended.

You will need to bring extra clothes depending on the number of days camping

If the weather of cold, suggest wearing at-short, thermals, or fleece then a jacket l giving you enough layers to deal with everything from heat to a blizzard.

top tips for beginner campers
top tips for beginner campers

Don’t forget to pack suncream and wear a hat from protection from the sun. A hat or beanie will keep your head warm in the cold.

Don’t forget, most of your body heat escapes via your head, and sunstroke can be a real downer on a camping trip, so keeping your head warm and protected is very important.

Final Thoughts

It is tempting to go out and buy heaps of camping gear which will end up in the garbage after one use. We recommend taking your time, do your research, and speak with experienced campers.

We hope you enjoyed our top tips for beginner campers. If you have other top beginner tips we a keen to hear from you. Just leave a comment below

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