Is my Backpack waterproof? Tips to keep your Backpack dry

The scenario is you have been enjoying trekking through the mountains relishing the scenery and the crisp air when all of a sudden a few drops of rain become a downpour.

Now you are thinking is my backpack waterproof? Will I end up with a backpack full of wet clothes and gear. 

The rain continues and by the time you reach your camping area your clothes, and sleeping bag soaked. Now faced with long uncomfortable nights sleep in a damp sleeping bag.

If this has happened to you it comes as no surprise. It has happened to the most seasoned backpackers. Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid this for occurring (again).

Typically backpacks are not waterproof. But there are a number of things you can easily do to keep your backpack and the contents inside dry. These include using rain covers or plastic liners.

Tips to keep your backpack dryIs my Backpack waterproof

To avoid your gear and clothes becoming sopping wet, there are a number of ways to waterproof your backpack.

This article we’ll discuss tips on how to keep your backpack and its contents dry. 

Tips to keep your Backpack dry

Use a rain cover

Rain covers have come very popular over the past few years. Made from thin nylon rain covers that slip over your backpack. They are relatively inexpensive (ranging from $14-20).

If you do decide to purchase a rain cover the sizes are not universal. Make sure you purchase a rain cover size that fits the right size of your pack, otherwise the cover will act like a large parachute flapping around in the wind.

Use a plastic liner

An effective way to keep your gear from getting wet is lining your bag with a plastic liner. Tightly seal the plastic liner ensuring water cannot seep into the bag.

Tips to keeping your gear dry

Using a plastic liner is straight forward. Its simple as packing the liner into your empty bag and then pack your gear into the liner/backpack.

While plastic liners are inexpensive you can use a rubbish bag. This is something I do to keep my gear dry.

Place gear in dry bags

Another option is to place gear into separate plastic bags. This is useful if you have electronic gear (iPad) or wanting to organize your gear into sections. For example, food in one bag, first aid in another.

Double line your sleeping bag

Sleeping in a warm dry sleeping bag is critical for your comfort and health. If there is anything you are going to keep waterproof is your sleeping bag.

We recommend using a plastic liner (rubbish bag) placed inside the sleeping bag. Then stuffing in the sleeping bag whilst pushing out any air. Close off the bag as per normal. The sleeping bag placed into a backpack as usual.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your gear from getting wet is essential for comfort, enjoyment, and overall health and safety. There are a number of ways to keep your gear dry. I like to use a rain cover for my pack whilst using a plastic liner to protect my sleeping bag.

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