Best Women’s Winter Jackets

Time for a new winter jacket? Wanting to know the best women’s winter jackets out in the marketplace?

Whether you are making away around the icy town streets or manoeuvering in the backcountry, choosing the best winter jacket is an important one.

To help you make an informed decision we reviewed and researched hundreds of testimonials.

When then shortlisted the winter jackets trialing them for comfort, fit and different conditions.

We hope our review aids your decision in choosing the right winter jacket for you.

Below is a summary of the Best Women’s Winter Jackets and Parkas

# Description Price
1 Eddie Bauer Women’s Sun Valley Down Jacket $270
2 Boroughs Parka – Women’s $293
3 Marmot Montreaux $299
4 Patagonia Tres 3-in-1 Parka $599

The Best Women’s Winter Jackets and Parkas

Eddie Bauer Women’s Sun Valley Down Jacket

The Eddie Bauer is an excellent all-round winter jacket that won’t disappoint

the best women's winter jackets
eddie bauer sun valley

Price $270


Weight; 2.2 lbs

Fill; 650-fill RDS down

Hood; Yes (removable)

Pockets; Yes

Main Fabric; 100% Polyester

Our Verdict

The Eddie Valley is a stylish long length form-fitting jacket.

With it’s 650 down it will keep you warm and cozy around the campfire or commuting around town.

We like the long length which provides protection from wind and rain.

Whilst the Eddie Valley is water-resistant it surprisingly prevents water from soaking in.

Overall, the Eddie Bauer Sun Valley is a stylish, warm and waterproof jacket that won’t break the bank. That’s why it received our Editors Choice for the best women’s winter jacket.

Boroughs Parka – Women’s

A classic winter parka that is warm, waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

the best women's winter jackets
Borough parka

Price $293


Weight; 3.5 lbs

Fill; 550-fill down

Hood; Yes (removable)

Pockets; Yes

Main Fabric; 49% nylon, 33% polyester, 18% cotton canvas

Our Verdict

This knee-length winter jacket with 550 downfill is a stylish women’s winter jacket.

It will protect you from everything winter throws at you. It is waterproof and wind-resistant.

The Borough Parka is a fitted jacket that allows for further adjustment with its adjustable waist.

Overall, the Borough Parka is the type of jacket that you would happily recommend to your friends.

It also comes at an affordable price and comes a close second to being selected as the best women’s winter jacket.

Marmot Montreaux

Serious warmth packed into a budget-friendly knee-length parka.

the best women's winter jackets
marmot montreaux

Price $299


Weight; 2.25 lbs

Fill; 700 fill down with Down Defender

Hood; Yes (removable)

Pockets; Yes

Main Fabric; 100% polyester with DWR treatment

Our Verdict

Women’s knee-length down puffer coat ideal for casual everyday winter wear.

With its 700 downfill the Marmot Montreaux will keep you seriously warm.

Taking the pooch for a walk around town or watching a football game, the Marmot Montreaux will keep you toasty warm and protected from winter conditions.

Patagonia Tres 3-in-1 Parka

A stylish waterproof jacket that differentiates itself from the crowd

the best women's winter jackets
patagonia 3-in-1 parka

Price $599


Weight; 2.9 lbs

Fill; 700 recycled

Hood; Yes

Pockets; Yes

Main Fabric; 100% polyester

Our Verdict

With its clever design, the Patagonia Tres 3-in-1 Parka is a form-fitting, well-insulated from 700 recycled downfill, comfortable, parka.

The Tres 3-in-1 parka, like the name suggests, is a model that’s designed with three jackets in one.

If you wear the shell and puff jacket together they form a very solid option that can be worn on the ski hill.

The shell on its own can act as a windbreaker, while the puff jacket can be worn after skiing or around town.

What to be liked is the compatibility of the Tres 3-in-1 parka, how it can be mixed and match depending on the weather and what you’re doing.

The price is high but you are getting 3 jackets and the versatility for that price.

Key Considerations

There are a few considerations when buying a winter jacket. For instance, do you need it for physical exercise, around the town, or the backcountry?

Does it need to be waterproof or just water resistance? If you live in a cold climate but not freezing you may only require a jacket which is not ultra warm.

Downfill Versus Synthetic


When choosing a winter jacket, there are traditionally two different types of fill, Synthetic, and Down Fill. Down Fill are feathers from geese and ducks.

Downfill insulation is more expensive than Synthetic, its lighter and more compressible. It is also more durable and provides greater warmth. Typically the high level of Downfill in a bag the more expensive the bag (visa versa).

A note about ethical down: Most brands take steps to monitor the treatment of ducks and geese that provide down.

You can identify a bag from one of those manufacturers when you see it labeled as either RDS (Responsible Down Standard) or TDS (global Traceable Down Standard). To learn about what goes into those standards, read Animal Welfare and Outdoor Gear.


Synthetic insulation offers solid performance at an affordable price. Unlike down, it continues to insulate when wet.

Downfill versus Synthetic

Insulation Type Key Benefit
Down Lightweight
Easy to compress
Excels in cold, dry conditions
Synthetic Quick-drying
Insulates when wet
the best women's winter jackets

Final Thoughts

While there are thousands of winter jackets in stores, like us you’ve probably learned the hard way that most are not as warm or weatherproof as they claim to be.

Choosing a jacket comes down how warm you want to be, the activities you’re performing, the style you’re after, how waterproof it needs to be, and finally how much you are willing to spend.

If you’re after a tailored, stylish winter jacket that can cope with winter conditions at a reasonable price, both the Eddie Valley and Borough Parka are a great choice.

We hope our review on the best women’s winter jackets has assisted you in deciding on the best winter jacket.

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