The Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2020

To help you make an informed decision we have created a shortlist on the Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2020 the market has to offer.

Walking off the street to buy an esky is not so easy. There are many brands and sizes of eskies at different price points.

It is also a decision you want to get right. Nothing worse than going away camping and food has become spoilt because all ice has melted and having to throw food away

For this article…

To produce this article we spoke with seasoned campers read many reviews and testimonials. For there we narrowed down to Coolers, went out, and purchase them from a retail store. Tested them and filled them with ice and monitored the ice and temperature of a week.

Top 5 Ice Cooler, Ice Chest, Esky Products

 Yeti Tundra 65Dometic 55L Cooler Box Engel 6570 Quart Xtreme 5 CoolerIceKool Blue Poly Icebox (70l)
Warranty5 years3 years10 years3 years5 years
Weight10.6 kg
or 24lB
9.3 kg
or 20.5lb
10.6 kg
or 24lb
or 11.9lb
9kg or
ProsStrong, durable well-made product, excellent insulationWell built and good looking unit, good for fishingGood insulation, convenient size, comparatively lightweight, good priceLightweight and affordable product with decent insulation for the priceWell built, strong sturdy unit.
ConsOn the heavy side, especially when full of iceOverall good unit, handles a slightly uncomfortableOverall good unit, handles a slightly uncomfortableNot a durable product, handles uncomfortableOn the heavy side, especially when full of ice
Shelf life
below 41o or 5 degree
7.2 days6.7 days6.1 days5.9 days6.8 days

Yeti Tundra 65

Yeti Tundra 65
Simply a high performing ice cooler

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2020
Yeti Tundra 65 – the best coolers and ice chests 2020

Yeti coolers are one of the most well-recognized brands in the Cooler/Ice chest market. With its Rotomolded polyethylene construction (which is the same process used to make whitewater kayaks), ensures excellent impact resistance and long-lasting durability.

The seals are made of high quality, helping to retain the temperature inside the cooler. The square shape with clean sides will fit into any vehicle nicely, 

We found the latches to be strong, sturdy, and convenient to open and close. Carrying meat and other fresh food over ice can be challenging; this is where handing baskets come into play. The Yeti Tundra comes with a removable basket. 

Our tests demonstrated how capable the Yeti Tundra is, it outlasted all the rest for how long it could keep its contents both at a safe temperature for consumption at 7.2 days

Capacity: 56 Litres / Days below 41o or 5 degree = 7.2 days 


  • Best Use: Camping
  • Cooler Type: Hard-sided
  • Capacity (L) 57.6
  • Insulation thickness NA
  • Material(s) Rotomoulded polyethylene
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Weight 10.6 kg or 23.3lB

Dometic 55l Cooler Box

Dometic 55L Cooler Box 
A good quality unit that keeps your food and drinks cool

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2020
Dometic Cool Ice 55 liter – the best coolers and ice chests 2020

The Dometic (Waeco) brand of boxes is typically strong and durable. The Dometic 55L Cooler Box is no different. Ideal for camping or fishing (comes with a ruler in the lid) this icebox will service you well.

We found the handles slightly comfortable, they do double as tie-down points for securing the icebox. 

Like other iceboxes, the Dometic cooler is made from roto-molded polypropylene and boasts refrigeration-grade foam insulation.

Down the bottom of the box comes a large diameter drain plug, that can be used for draining liquid. 

With regards to the Ice test, it keeps its contents at a safe level of 6.7 days which is a very good result.

Capacity: 55 Litres / Days below 41o or 5 degree = 6.7 days 


  • Best Use: Camping/Fishing 
  • Cooler type – hard-sided 
  • Capacity (L) 55L or 84 cans 
  • insulation thickness 5cm 
  • Material – Roto-Mould, Polypropylene
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
  • Weight 9.3 kg or 20.5lb

Engel 65

Engel 65
Wanting the best insulation and longest-lasting cooler, look no further than this simple and effective model

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2020
Engel 65 – the best coolers and ice chests 2020

The Engel 65 was one of the first brands to offer Roto-Mould made icebox. With 2 inches of injected polyurethane foam insulation all around, even the bottom and the lid.

It is with refrigerated style rubber that keeps your contents cool for many days. A quality product which is one of the lightest coolers we tested for its size and durability. The Engel 65 comes with strong and durable handles. 

The Engel 65 is a quality cooler, strong and sturdy equal to another cooler/ice boxes on the marketplace. 

Capacity: 65 Litres / Days below 41o or 5 degree = 6.1 days 


  • Best Use: Camping
  • Cooler type – hard-sided 
  • Capacity (L) 65 xL or 95 cans
  • Insulation thickness NA
  • Warranty 3-year warranty
  • Material – Roto-Mould, Polypropylene
  • Weight 10.6 kg or 24lb

Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler

Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler
Keeps your food and drinks cool at an affordable price

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2020

The 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler is one of the most popular and inexpensive coolers/icebox products in the marketplace. They come in different sizes that include 28-quart, 52-quart, 62-quart, 70-quart, 100-quart, and 120-quart models. 

The 62-quart and 100-quart models come in wheeled configurations while all other sizes do not come with wheels. 

The number within the name represents how many days your item will remain cool. For example, the 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler ice is being marketed that ice should remain for 5 days.  

Drink holders are found in most Coleman cooler/icebox products which can come in handy. Coleman cooler/icebox also double as a seat, which can come in handy when sitting around the campfire or somewhere to whilst eating lunch or just somewhere to sit. 

Although not a Roto-mould type product,  the quality of the box seems okay. However, the latches and hinges don’t appear to be very strong compared to other higher-end cooler/icebox products.

In comparison to other competing products, plastic carry handles are not very comfortable. Considering the price you could simply buy a replacement and still be front than if you had bought a more expensive cooler/icebox. 

Overall, the 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler is not the most impressive cooler/icebox that we tested.

However at 2/3 the price of the “others” it is worth considering as it did perform well with keeping itself cool for 5.7 days. Not too far off its competitors by a day or so.

Capacity: 70 Litres / Days below 41o or 5 degree = 5.7 days 


  • Best Use: Camping
  • Cooler type – Hard-sided 
  • Capacity (L) 70L or 100 cans 
  • Insulation thickness NA 
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Weight 11.5kg or 25.5 lb
  • Material – Polyurethane with foam insulation

IceKool Blue Poly Icebox 70

IceKool Blue Poly Icebox (70l)
Built to last and will keep your food and drinks cold for days

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2020

The IceKool Blue Poly Icebox (70l) is another popular product that has been around for many years. Made from Polyethylene material the iceKool Blue Poly Icebox (70l) looks and feels strong a durable.

Smooth walls allow for making easy cleaning. The clean box shape fits nicely into our vehicle allowing for other camping equipment to be packed around.  

The IceKool Blue Poly Icebox (70l) is strong enough to double as a seat when having lunch or just sitting around. 

The latches and handles feel strong and sturdy, the handles can be used as tie-down points. We found the latches to be strong, sturdy, and convenient to open and close. 

Our test results demonstrated how effective this unit is, lasting 6.8 days which came in second to the Yeti Tundra 65

IceKool Blue Poly Icebox (70l)Capacity: 0 Litres / Days below 41o or 5 degree =  6.8 days 


  • Best Use: Camping/4X4/Fishing 
  • Material – roto-molded Polythelene outer with Polyurethane foam insulation 
  • Cooler type – hard-sided
  • Capacity 70(L) x0L or x00 cans 
  • Insulation thickness cm 
  • Weight  9kg or 22lb

Final Thoughts

We have thoroughly enjoyed testing these cooler and ice chests, iceboxes, eskies to come up with the best coolers and ice chests of 2020,

Comfortable to say these units are capable of keeping your drinks and food cold (for a short period of time).

Test Conditions

We tested the five Cooler/Iceboxes providing them a physical workout, that included pushing them off the back of our truck.

We continually opening and shutting the lids to challenge the seal and tested the latches by opening and shutting in a rough way, basically punished them.

Our refrigeration tests included packing 10 kg or 22lb of ice in each ice Cooler/Ice chest with six cans of room temperature cans of beer.

The Cooler/Ice chest we placed in a room that temperature fluctuated between 15 degrees/59 F. A thermometer was placed in each unit over a period of 10 days.



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