Best Camping Stoves 2020

It’s a rewarding feeling to cook up your favorite meal late afternoon after returning from your latest adventure.

To achieve hassle-free cooking sessions it’s important to buy the best camping stoves or stove to meet your cooking needs.

Camping stoves, like headlamps and sleeping bags, come in all different shapes, sizes, and types.

Choosing the type of stove to buy key considerations are weight, fuel type, and your budget.

For this article

To produce this article we spoke with seasoned campers read many reviews and testimonial.

From there we narrowed down to 5 stoves and went out and tested them.

Our results on the best camping stoves are tabled below


When deciding on which stove to purchase you need to consider how many people you will be cooking for.

If a group a 2 burner should suffice. If only cooking for yourself and your partner a single burner would be okay.

best camping stoves 2020
Wind protection is a key factor when choosing a camping stove

The wind is another factor. A stove with little or no wind protection will not only waste a lot of fuel but also be annoying.

You can try to improvise by putting up wind barriers but this just adds to the frustration, especially if the wind is swirling around from many directions.

Now we have talked through this important consideration let’s review the best camping stoves;

Name Coleman Classic Coleman Butane Instastart Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Eureka Ignite Plus Jetboil Genesis Basecamp
Price $44.99 at Amazon $19.99 at Amazon $121 at Amazon $139 at Amazon $245 at Amazon
Pros Affordable two burner with wind protectors. Light weight, compact and boils quickly Free standing 2 burner stove with removable legs Two burner with plenty of room for cooking Compact and simmers at high rate
Cons No auto ignition and handle a bit cheap Provides limited wind resistant, can rapidly burn through cans of fuel Wind resistance easily putting out flame On the heavy side, does struggle with wind Single burner that offers little wind resistance
Bottom Line Overall good friendly two burner unit that packs up conveniently Overall good light weight and inexpensive unit. Single burner might not be enough to cook for families. Adjust and removable legs provides options. Low wind resistant can waste fuel Okay unit with a high price tag. Solid compact unit with heavy price tag. Single burner with high simmer rate
Weight 9.8 lbs 4.7 lbs 30.6 lbs (19.2 lbs without legs) 12.0 lbs 7.4 lbs w/bag, 6.4 lbs stove alone
Wind Resistance Good Not so good Not so good Okay Not so good
Ease of use Good Good Good Good Good

Coleman Classic

The Coleman Classic stove is a simple, functional unit that will reliably cook up your breakfast lunch and dinner. The Coleman Classic stoves come at an affordable price.

It easy to set-up protects the flame from the wind and quickly boils water.

This no thrills, straight forward stove comes at an affordable price, that’s why it gets our Editors Choice award.

best camping stoves 2020
Coleman Classic is the Editors pick

Final Thoughts

Making a decision on the best camping stoves does not have to be a difficult task.

It really comes down to how many you are cooking for, the amount of room in your vehicle.

Other considerations include your preference for a free-standing or tabletop and how many burners required to set-up your perfect camp kitchen.

If you are looking for ideas on what to cook on your stove, we have put together an article on the top easy meal ideas for your next camping trip away.

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