Best Roof Top Tents for Camping under 150 Lbs

Originally used in Australia by adventurers who liked the safety of being perch-up high from critters and ability simply set-up and set-down rooftop tents have gained popularity in recent years.

I have reviewed many testimonials across from review sites and also feedback in forums to come up the best rooftop tents for camping

The Roof Top Tents below are in no particular order. Just think they are really good.

There are other great tents that I am sure we missed off the list, but these are the ones we liked.

Summary of Best Roof Top Tent under 150 pounds

Below is a summary of the best rooftop tents on the market under 150 pounds

Name Price Weight
Floor Area
(Sq Ft)
Tepui Autana 3 $2000 138 38 52
Yakima SkyRise Medium $1600 138 38 52
Smittybilt Overlander $925 144 38 51
Tepui Kukenam 3 $1200 130 38 55
Front Runner Roof Top Tent $1,263 130 38 55

Tepui Autana 3


The Tepui Autana comfortably sleeps 3 people that comes with large built-in mattress large sky windows and a 2.5″ foam mattress 3 people

The Explorer Series Autana 3 offers an extended private canopy entrance and includes a removable annex with PVC floor, side screened windows, and a rear door for easy access into your vehicle.

The extended private canopy can be used to get changed or a small room that you can eat dinner, play cards if the weather turns.

Yakima SkyRise Medium

Everything you need to know about best Roof Top Tents


Easy to set-up Yakima SkyRise Medium fits up to 3 people with thick wall-to-wall foam sleeping pad provides cushy, all-night comfort (64 mm thick foam mattress).

For excellent ventilation and fantastic star, gazing comes with large windows and doors.

Setting up is a breeze with tool-free and lockable vehicle mounts – easy to put on, quick to take off.

For peace of mind and security included are 2 SKS locks for security, which stands for SKS stands for “same key system”.

These 2 cores enable you to lock all of your Yakima products with just one key.

Smittybilt Overlander

Everything you need to know about best Roof Top Tents


Online reviews online for the Smittybilt Overlander are positive around the quality and durability of materials.

The built-in thick mattress is comfortable and will send you off into a night’s deep sleep, large enough to fit 2 people.

When designing this they considered details such as boot bag for hanging muddy footwear and LED light strip.

A rooftop tent that comfortably fits 2 people with queen mattresses built-in.

Tepui Kukenam 3

Everything you need to know about best Roof Top Tents


Marketed as the 4×4 off-road rooftop tent of choice, the Tepui Kukenam 3 has built-in screened roof panels which allow for a great view of the stars and surrounding trees when the rainfly is removed.

The Tepui Kukenam 3 is comfortable with 3 people with a mattress built-in.

There is matching annex sold separately.

Front Runner Roof Top Tent

Everything you need to know about best Roof Top Tents


A comfortable high-density foam mattress will provide a restful night sleep for 2 people.

Below are the Best Roof Top Tents in the market

Front Runner Roof Top Tent features skylight vent windows in the roof can be unzipped for fresh air, sunlight, or starlight views or sealed to trap heat and seal out the elements.

Key Considerations

Can my car handle Roof Top Tent weight?

You do not want a tent that your roof cannot handle.

Look at your vehicle’s manual and weight of the tent you are putting onto it.

Also factor in the weight of people sleeping in the tent (typically 200 lbs). Two people sleeping in the tent would be 400 lbs.

The weight of tents on the market ranges from 100 lbs to 250lbs.

Each vehicle manufacturer has a weight limit on how much weight the roof can handle.

Obviously, it’s important to get this one right.

This is known as Static Weight Capacity (SWC), where the vehicle is sitting idle.

You will also need to check the roof racks manufacturers manual on how much weight it can handle.

If you through out the manual months ago, call the manufacturer or check out manufacturers’ specifications on the internet.

You will need to understand how much Dynamic Weight Capacity (DWC) which is simply the weight that the rack can physically carry whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Everything you need to know about Roof Top Tents
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Rooftop tent damage my vehicle?

If installed correctly, a rooftop tent should provide many years of happy, hassle-free camping.

We just need to ensure the rooftop tent is properly installed according to manufacturers’ instructions.

Also, try to avoid underground basements, the last thing you want is to get wedged or drive of your roof.

How many people can sleep in a rooftop tent?

That depends on the size of the tent. The largest style of the tent would handle 4 occupants.

The standard style would handle 2-3 people (depending on their width). Fewer people more room.

Two people can comfortably sleep in a rooftop tent.

How long does it take to set-up a Roof Top Tent?

Before you purchase a tent you test out how easy or difficult it is to set-up, right?

Before you purchase the pop-up tent, test how long it takes to set-up.

It should not take you any longer than 5 minutes.

Also check for poor quality zips, hinges, material tears, how well the ladder connects to the base.

If the model you’re looking at comes with fly or annex check the poles and how well they stand up.

For further information, we have written an article on everything you need to know about Roof Top Tents.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to like about Roof Top Tents. Relatively inexpensive, comfortable, and practical.

The purchasing considerations are how much you’re willing to spend (budget), the number of occupants, and lastly, ensure your vehicle can handle the weight of the tent.

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