Best Off-Road Camper Trailers under 2500 Lbs

For good reason, the popularity of Off-Road Camper Trailers has increased in recent times.

It’s pretty special being able to explore challenging, tough going terrain whilst enjoying the luxuries of a camper trailer.

Off-Road Camper Trailers have come a long way over the years.

Stainless steel modern kitchens, awnings, and windows that open at a press of a button.

Plus other modern features now come standard with many modern-day off-road camper trailers.

Summary of the Best Off-Road Camper Trailers under 2500 Lbs

Summary of the best Off-Road Camper Trailer under 2500 Lbs on the market that I liked.

Not listed in any particular order.

# Off-Road Camper Trailer Dry Weight
1 Patriot Camper x1 2070/940 $35K
2 Patriot Camper x3 2469/1200 $45k
3 TerraDrop 1200/544 $42k
4 Bruder Exp 6 898/1980 $150K
5 Taxa OutdoorsTiger Moth 1359/2996 $15k
6 BRS Off-Road Sherpa 1985/900 $44k

What is an Off-Road Camper Trailer?

Towed by a vehicle, Off-Road Camper Trailer is a durable camper built for those wanting to go on tough terrain to explore remote locations.

Unfortunately, there are numerous camper trailers are being sold as “off-road” when in fact they are not.

At a minimum for a camper to qualify as an off-road camper trailer, it should have coil spring suspension, a classic specifically designed for off-road terrain.

Would expect to be hot dip galvanised, powder-coated, and prefab rust proofing.

As standard should have an off road hitch.

If the camper does not have these attributes it’s likely not be an off road camper trailer.

Why are Off-Road Camper Trailers so Expensive?

The best Off-Road Camper Trailers are expensive because they are built with durable, heavy-duty material to deal with tough off-road conditions.

The process of manufacturing off-road camper trailers is labor-intensive, using high quality and expensive aftermarket material.

There are less expensive Off-Road Camper Trailer on the market, however, be aware they may not have the qualities required to take you off-road (as mentioned above)

Photo Courtesy of Taxa Outdoors (Tiger Moth)

How much is Off-Road Trailer (Camper)?

The cost of Off-Road Trailer (Camper) ranges between $20k to $155k depending on the manufacturer, size, features, and equipment.

For example, a TerraDrop (TearDrop) will set you back versus top end camper like Bruder Exp 6 will set you back by $155k.

5 Best Off-Road Trailer (Campers) on the Market

Below is the best Off-Road Camper Trailer on the market that we liked.

Not listed in any particular order, and there are several more that may be good that aren’t on the list, but these are actually built for towing in tough terrain.

Patriot Camper x1

Cost: ~$35k

Dry Weight; 2070 lbs
940 kg

Storage; 1600 lbs

Sleeps: 2-8 People

Toilet: No

Water Tank: 155L

Made: Australia


Australian family-owned business, Patriot Campers have been building rugged, off-road camper trailers in Australia for years.

They are sold in the USA through Exploration Outfitters.

The Patriot Campers X1 is one of their most popular campers

Engineered for the toughest conditions and once arrived a camp can be erected in less than 10 minutes.

There’s no bathroom, but the X1 does have an outboard hot-water shower. And the hideaway kitchen is comprehensive:

Pull out trays reveal a 5.7ft.³ fridge, two-burner gas stove, kitchen sink, stainless steel workspace, cutlery drawers, and wet storage.

A pop-up awning and tent contain a lofted king-size fold-out mattress. Integrated tent poles pitch the bug screen and canvas tent walls.

Plus, the awning and walls that encase the kitchen and storage area feature LED lighting for moving around at night.

With 155L Water Tank Capacity and 33-inch tires and favorable departure, angles will keep you safely capable in the backcountry for days.

Patriot Campers range for the X1 model that would suit most off-roading families.

Options include Patriot’s BBQ swing-away, the swag tents, awning walls, and a lithium battery upgrade.

Foer budget campers who will want off-roading capabilities there is the X2 which is a scaled-down version.

The X1 includes standard aftermarket products such as standard stove, your choice of rooftop tents.

As a result, the price starts around $22k plus and add ons.

Families looking for added luxury check out the X3 which is a live-in camper trailer that combines indoor/outdoor luxury living.

The X3 comes with a convenient indoor living area for the family to enjoy.

If you wanting extra luxury there are optional extras including the Pop Up Cafe and a space-saving indoor dining table.

Photo Courtesy; Patriot Campers

Patriot Camper x3

Cost: ~$45k

Dry Weight; 2469 lbs
1120 kg

Storage: 2000 Litres

Sleeps: 3 People (options for more)

Toilet: No

Water Tanks: 130L

Made: Australia


The Patriot X3 built for the tough outdoors but built with luxurious features. camper blends that toughness with an abundance of luxury.

Diesel heater, coffee machine, and internal fridge access.

Who said adventuring in the backcountry was about living rough.

With a quality inbuilt kitchen that easily extends out, cooking is dinner will be done in no time.

When its time for dinner just strolls into the walk-in the dining area.

Time for rest or sleep, enjoy the luxury of an oversized.

You’ll be resting easily on the oversized double 100mm thick, pocket sprung gel top mattress which comes standard on the X3.

The X3 is built for 3 people to comfortably sleep, available swag tents expand that sleeping capacity to four or five people.

If you’re wanting to take your ATV, off-road motorbikes, or any other off-road toy, Patriot Campers offer a Toy Hauler, that offers an impressive 2400 liters of storage.

off road camper trailer
Photo Courtesy of Patriot Campers
Patriot Toy Hauler


Cost: ~$23k

Dry Weight: 1200 lbs
544 kgs

Storage: Custom built

Sleeps: 3 People

Toilet: No

Water Tank: TBA

Made: USA


The TerraDrop from Oregon Trail’R, is a custom-built teardrop style off-road trailer.

One of the benefits of owning a teardrop os weight and size.

Towing a teardrop has minimal impact on your tow vehicle’s fuel economy, due to their small stature, lightweight, and excellent aerodynamics.

A refractive interior lighting system keeps the inside warm while the outside includes a full-camping kitchen and attachments for a roof rack, gear, and other supplies

They are conversation starters. People are attracted to teardrop trailers, so be prepared to be the center of attention at campgrounds, rest areas, gas stations, and even on the highway.

Bruder Exp 6

Cost: $150K

Weight: 898 Lbs
1980 kg

Storage: 1980

Sleeps: 6 people

Toilet: Yes

Water Tank: 180 liters

Made: Australia


Say goodbye to clutter and being cramped with the king of off-road campers.

The Bruder Exp 6 is a large, robust hardcore caravan.

The living quarters are large, roomy and well fitted out.

The interior design suits couples and families alike with sleeping for up to 6 available.

The bathroom is easily accessible and has a toilet, basin, shower, and ample storage for personal items.

The slide-out kitchen is made entirely from composite and has ample storage for both large and small items.

Inside, the bathroom contains a hot shower, retractable sink, and flushable toilet.

There’s also a second shower accessible from the outside.

The team at Bruder Exp 6 have also factored in ease and fuel efficiency by designing a caravan which is no wider than popular sized towing vehicles.

The Bruder Exp 6 has also been designed to minimize wind resistance and drag.

Built for off-road living with the creature comforts of home, Bruder Exp 6 brings glamping deep into the backcountry.

Taxa OutdoorsTiger Moth

Cost: $15k

Weight: 1359 lbs
2996 kgs

Storage; 841 lbs

Sleeps; 2 people

Toilet: No

Made: USA


Tiger Moth has a sleeping room for 2 adults, plus 2 more with an optional rooftop tent.

Perfect for those who venture to the further reaches of nature.

Whether you seek darker night skies, remote camping spots or just value the elegance of well-designed simplicity, see what unfolds.

off road camper trailer
Generous amount of storage in the Tiger Moth
Photo Courtesy of TAXA Outdoors

Generous kitchen area including large countertop with cutting board allows for ease of preparation and cooking of meals.

There is also generous storage space for cooking utensils, pots, pans, condiments, and other supplies.

Overall, the Tiger Moth is a well-built unit that sleep, two people.

A lot of thought has gone into the design and provides many storage options through the trailer, inside and out.

BRS Off-Road Sherpa

Cost: ~$44k

Weight: 1,985 lb 900 kg

Storage: TBA

Sleeps; 2 people

Toilet: No

Water: 200 liter

Made: Australia


Unlike many pull-behind trailers, the Sherpa is made for luxury living.

The main sleeping cabin is heated. It includes a stereo, a 21-inch LED TV, and fans.

At the back of the trailer, two 30-liter domestic fridge drawers keep food fresh and drink cold.

A two-burner stove and a pop-down sink make cooking and cleaning a breeze.

The Sherpa utilizes every inch of space with ample kitchen storage.

You won’t be left in the dark with its reading and cabin lights round off the interior package.

The Sherpa comes with a 200-liter water storage bladder

That body is made from marine-grade aluminum alloy with a dual-skin construction creating an insulating air pocket.

A fiberglass roof sits on top.

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