Making camping more fun, 13 cures for camp boredom

I don’t think camping is boring. I am afraid many people won’t go camping because they think camping is boring and they won’t enjoy it.

To help I have written an article for making camping more fun, 13 cures for camp boredom

If you’re considering going camping and hesitant to go because you think that camping is boring. Camping is fun, as fun as you want it to be.

Alternatively, you might be an existing camper who is looking for ideas and activities for making camping more fun and cures for camping boredom.

To help make camping more fun, I have put together 13 cure for camp boredom.

Making camping more fun, 13 cures for camp boredom

1. Cook Yummy Meals

Dinner when camping can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day.

Sitting around chatting to family and friends while enjoying your favorite beverage while sharing a meal is fantastic. Can make all the difference.

So going camping doesn’t mean healthy eating has to go out the window and you find yourself eating canned bland food each night.

Having tasty healthy food does not mean heaps of preparation and cooking is involved, and subsequent cleaning of pots and pans.

A good example is making healthy nachos.

Requiring some packet food and fresh ingredients like tomatoes and avocados you can quickly whip up this meal.

For more information on this recipe check out this link.

Cooking tasty meals can make all the difference.

2. Take lanterns

Lanterns and fairy lights can liven up your campsite, especially for young children.

Lanterns are generally used at festivals and special occasions.

Setting up lanterns and fairy lights give that feeling of excitement. They are also safe and affordable.

They also become a talking point with other campers.

Making camping more fun
Making camping more fun

3. Make a Fire

Who doesn’t like fire! There is something about watching logs and sticks burn, suppose it takes us back to our cave person-days.

Making fires these days is a lot easier than it would have been for our ancestors.

Nothing really beats sitting around the campfire chatting about life with the kids roasting marshmallows.

Fire is also good for morale as it keeps us warm and provides a source of light.

4. Scavenger Hunt

There’s nothing quite like a scavenger hunt for the kids, a great way for them to explore the outdoors.

Putting together a scavenger hunt together is easy.

An example of a scavenger hunt is to ask the kids to provide the following items.

If successful they get a special prize (like chocolate)

  1. A feather
  2. 4 kinds of leaves
  3. A pebble
  4. Three acorns
  5. Two different types of flowers
  6. Something that sparkles
  7. Something that is fuzzy

5. Go for a night time walk

Going for a night time walk is always fun. Something I remember doing as a kid.

There are two methods to going for a nighttime walk.

The first method involves not having any lights, including torches, and letting your eyes adjust to the darkness. It is quite amazing how our vision adjusts to the dark. Then try to spot wildlife.

The second method is using torches whilst walking scanning the environment for wildlife.

If you’re lucky you might get to see owls and other night-time animals. Just remember not to shine directly into the animal’s eyes.

6. Study the stars

We forget how bright the stars shine when we are away from the city.

Us humans have been looking up gazing into the stars for thousands of years trying to find the answers.

On a clear dark night you might be surprised what you might see, it can be breathtaking.

It can be even better if you have a telescope. Stargazing can soon lead to becoming an obsession.

If you are no familiar with start gazing there’s no need to worry. There is plenty of material online about stargazing.

7. Play Cards

Playing cards is a great way to unwind and relax. Card games bring the whole family together keeping everyone entertained.

Here are some card game suggestions

Go Fish

Go Fish is a fun game, super easy to learn and play making it ideal for kids.

To learn more check out this link


Ready to use your poker face. The idea of cheat is to win the game by getting rid of all your cards, in pairs.

To learn more check out this link

Old Maid

Old Maid is a fun and simple game, with players trying not to get stuck with Old Maid.

To learn more check out this link

8. GeoCaching

Ready for some modern-day treasure hunting? Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunting game GPS-enabled device.

Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. To find out more check out this site

Geocaching is great fun, keep the kids exploring and having fun for many hours.

All you need is a mobile phone to seek out the geocaches which are a small container with a logbook and sometimes hidden rewards.

To learn more about Geocaching Wikipedia have a good rundown of GeoCaching

9. Hammock

If you’ve ever crawled into a hammock and found yourself drifting into a deep, relaxing sleep, you understand why.

A hammock encloses you, rocks you, and takes the pressure off your spine whilst lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress levels. 

Hammocks are affordable and easy to assemble, just need two trees.

If you’re camping with no trees available you can purchase stands. Regardless, hammocks are the perfect way to relax whilst away camping.

10. Cook with a Dutch Oven

There’s a great sense of enjoyment sitting back relaxing around the campfire watching your dinner slowly cook.

Dutch Ovens are ideal for slow cooking and to take camping.

One of the benefits of dutch ovens is one you have prepped all the ingredients just throw them all into the pot.

Prepping can do done at home, taking the ingredients in seal containers.

A good example of dutch oven meals is one post pasta, lasagne, soups. Check out this link if you are wanting to know more.

Making camping more fun

11. Go Hiking

There are so many benefits to hiking, from reducing stress levels, reducing heart disease through to building your fitness, muscles, and overall health.

Going camping should cost you anything. So long as you have a pair of walking shoes then off you can go.

It’s also a good way to exercise the kids and connect with the family.

12. Play Scrabble

Playing scrabble can be played using 2,3 or 4 people. If you have more people then creating teams can add additional fun.

All you need is a scrabble board and when players turn comes around making words from the seven tiles they have in front of them.

Scrabble is a fun game, bringing out our competitive side and also a good exercise for our brains.

13. Play Hide and Seek in the dark

Hide and seek is one of the kids’ favorite games of all time.

It is also fun playing in the dark. Just put boundaries around where you can and can’t go then have someone with a torch seek out the kids hiding out in the dark 

Final Thoughts

Like anything in life, things can always be improved. Camping is one of those things.

Campers are always on the journey of making camping life easier and more comfortable.

When it comes to making camping more exciting there is always an opportunity to make improvements.

I hope this article has provided you with some ideas on making camping more fun and enjoyable.

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