Is it weird going Camping alone?

Have you googled going camping alone or solo because you’re thinking it’s weird?

There’s nothing weird about going camping alone. It comes down to what you are comfortable doing.

So it’s not weird going camping by yourself, so long as you enjoy your own company. Camping solo might just what you need to recharge your batteries. We all need to take time out to rejuvenate. Studies have shown that camping alone offers many health benefits that will improve your mental health and overall wellbeing.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of camping solo and why you should go camping alone.

Your time to relax

Do you need to get out of the city, away from the rat race to relax and recharge your batteries?

Camping takes you away from the normal scenery to a new one.

Being away from your couch and TV, enjoying nature’s surroundings will make you more relaxed.

Putting away the phone and its distractions will also make you feel more relaxed.

Camping gives you plenty of opportunities to relax.

Taking your favorite book and sipping away on your favorite beverage is an ideal way to spend time.

Especially if it’s cozying up to a fire.

You will get some fresh air

The office, the city air quality is not so great.

Hence it is not so great for your wellbeing.

When you get out to the countryside you do instantly notice the fresh clean air rushing through your lungs. It’s refreshing!

Being surrounded by trees and their release of oxygen increases your serotonin levels.

The more serotonin your body produces, the happier and more relaxed you will feel. Improving your wellbeing.

The latest research indicates that extra oxygen in your body aid digestion lowers blood pressure whilst leading to an improvement in your immune system.

Better nights sleep camping

Your TV, computer, and surrounding home lighting exposes your body to artificial blue light that disrupts your sleep cycle. Making for a poor night’s sleep.

Being away from these artificial light sources will provide you with a deeper night’s sleep.

The next day waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Sleeping in a tent under the stars listening to nature whilst drifting off to sleep will rejuvenate your senses. Waking up feeling fresh ready to go for the day.

If you are planning on sleeping in a tent, you do need to ensure your sleeping conditions are comfortable.

Having a broken night sleep because you are too cold or because sleeping is uncomfortable is not going to make you feel rejuvenated in the morning.

More exercise, more fat you will burn

Camping burns calories! Setting up the tent and your camp takes physical effort and will burn calories.

Hiking is a perfect exercise. It helps clean the mind whilst providing a fantastic cardio workout. Hiking can burn a whopping 550 calories per hour on the trail.

Hiking is also known for reducing blood pressure and sugar levels.

Taking a hike on uneven trails will improve your balancing which also means you are giving your core a great work as you will need to engage it.

Hiking up hills will offer a more challenging workout for improving your cardio. It will also build strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and the muscles in your hips and lower legs.

You will enjoy being in the moment

Camping does require some effort. Gone are the luxuries of having a bedroom that you can just walk into after eating a block of chocolate and Netflix.

There’s the setting up your camp. There’s the cooking in the campfire or camping stove.

Next is the enjoyment of eating the food you have cooked.

Lastly, there’s the cleaning up of the dinner pots, pans, and cutlery.

All this activity is a type of meditation or mindfulness that involves you being present and in the moment.

Mindfulness offers a break from negative thoughts.

Research has shown the benefits of mindfulness have on the state of mind.

Improving mental health whilst reducing anxiety and depression.

Camping offers a fantastic opportunity to exercise mindfulness.

How can be more relaxed camping?

Following on from above there are simple ways to be more relaxed whilst camping.

By practicing mindfulness meditation you can let go of negative thoughts, have a calm body and mind.

Mindfulness mediation does not require candles, essential oils, or yoga positions.

It is as simple as finding a quiet space, where you can sit or lie down. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Shut your eyes and focus on breathing.

Concentrate your thoughts on your breathing.

Taking note of the rise and fall of your chest. Pay attention to your body’s sensation.

Once your time has gone off, take your time to wake up.

Mediation by staring into the fire

There is nothing more relaxing and soothing than sitting opposite a roaring fire.

Fires take us back to the stone age, providing light and warmth. The flickering light, flames, and crackling sounds have a trance-like effect.

In fact, recent studies have discovered or confirmed what we already know. Staring into a fire is relaxing. The trial found that the participants have lower blood pressure as a result of staring into a fire.

Obtain some Vitamin D

Unfortunately, our lives are spent mostly inside our offices or homes. Less time is being spent outside.

One of the shortfalls of spending our lives inside is the lack of vitamin D that we receive from the sun.

Unfortunately, windows in our homes and offices filter out vitamin D.

There is mounting evidence that a lack of vitamin D can lead to osteoporosis and cancers. Especially in our older years.

Spending time outside our bodies absorbs vitamin D, which is often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”.

There is also evidence that an increase in sun exposure and vitamin D improves mental well being and uplift in your mood.

Making you feel more positive and happier.

You do need to ensure sun exposure is done in moderation and adequate protection is used.

Want to minimize the risk of cancer and other sun-related issues.

Enjoy some great food

Going camping doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your taste buds or heathy by eating tinned food or unhealthy takeaway.

Doing some planning and preparation before leaving home will assist you with whipping up some tasty campfire meals.

My favorite meals for camping are Nachos, soups (if very cold), and campfire burgers. Another favorite is baking sweet potatoes.

Dutch ovens offer a great sense of enjoyment.

Throwing your ingredients and sitting back watching your food creation slowly cook is rewarding. It’s even better once you have tasted it.

Connection with nature

Getting away from the city and out to the country provides you with the opportunity to reconnect with nature and wildlife.

Studies have shown the health benefits of reconnecting with nature. Reducing negative thoughts stress.

Reconnecting with nature can offer a sense of awe. Appreciating the beauty of sunsets and sunrises. Soaking up the different colors and shades of the desert or the trees in the forest.

There’s also the enjoyment of seeing animals in the wild.

Taking our minds away from everyday thoughts and stresses to appreciating nature’s animals in the wild.

Final Thoughts

Going camping alone is not weird. In fact, studies have shown that camping alone offers you many health benefits that will improve your mental health and overall wellbeing.

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