Is it safe to go camping by yourself?

Is it safe to cross the road? Is it safe for a single woman to go shopping at night? Or during the day for that matter. There are inherent risks in everything we do.

You are probably reading this article because you googled is it safe to go camping by yourself.

Are you new to camping? Worried about not knowing what you are doing or being attacked or attacked by something?

The thought of going camping can be incredibly intimidating, especially for females.

The good news is camping by yourself is safe. Concerned about going camping by yourself you can reduce the chances of something happening.  If you do some planning, preparation and take some precautions the chances of something happening are low.  

In this article, we’ll help answer some safety-related questions and also provide some guidance/tips to be safe camping.



Is sleeping in a tent safe?

Yes, from my experience sleeping in a tent is safe. The only thing you need to worry about is the wildlife.

From 25 years of camping never come across any dangerous wildlife disturbing my sleep during the night.

If you are going camping in an area with dangerous animals such as crocodiles or bears, you will need to take the necessary precautions.

In the unlikely event, someone attempts to enter your tent at night have provided some tips below in securing your tent at night

How to secure your tent at night

So you are wanting to secure your tent at night. The chances of someone entering your tent at night is low.

However, if you’re wanting to be extra safe here several ways to increase your security.

  1. Buy a lock. The most obvious way is to buy a lock and lock all the entrances to your tent. A lock acts as a deterrent, someone can still use force gain to entry into your tent. So you can’t solely rely on a lock.
  2. Camp in a safe area. This comes down to planning your trip, which includes not camping in a low socio-economic area. Camping in a well-lit area where there are people around will also increase your safety.
  3. Camping with others. Camping with other campers increases your protection. If you are surrounded by other campers and something does happen they will be quickly alerted by someone trying to enter your tent or steal your gear.
  4. Secure your valuables. Store your valuables in your locked vehicle.
  5. Personal alarm. Having a personal alarm will sound an alarm loud enough to draw people’s attention from distances of 500 feet. It will effectively scare attackers alerting surrounding campers to your plight. Personal alarms cost between $20 to $200 depending on the features.
  6. Lock your RV. If you are sleeping in your RV, best to lock all the doors.

Is it safe to leave your campsite and gear unattended?

Is it safe to leave your campsite and gear unattended? Generally speaking yes.

I have camped throughout the world and have not had issues with theft, even when I have left my campsite for many hours unattended.

Also, I have never heard from other campers about their gear getting stolen.

Having said that, it’s always best to take precautions. Such as packing away gear in your tent. Zipping up the tent and placing a lock on the tent.

Packing your valuables away in your vehicle

Store any valuables away in your vehicle and out of sight from prying eyes.

Get to know your fellow camping neighbors

Its always good to get to know your fellow camping neighbors. Chatting to them will build rapport and also give you a sense of comfort knowing they are okay.

Building this relationship is also important as they can keep on eye on your campsite whilst you’re away.

If you suspect them to be dodgy then maybe reconsider not leaving your campsite unattended.

Is it safe to go camping by yourself?
Is it safe to go camping by yourself?

Should I lock my tent when camping?

So should I lock my tent when camping? It’s entirely up to you. I have never locked up my tent.

I have never felt the need to lock my tent. For one reason which is not related to being secure but having to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night and not wanting to struggle to undo a lock.

If you think having a lock on your tent will make you safer and give you comfortable go ahead. Locks are an affordable way to go.

The outdoor community are welcoming

The outdoor community is welcoming. Meeting fellow campers are friendly and welcoming.

If you do find yourself away camping by yourself you can quickly find yourself building friendships with other campers.

Join a Meetup group

If you are wanting to catch-up with other campers or trekkers there are Meetup groups for all ages and interest levels. Also, check out Facebook pages.

How to plan a camping trip by yourself

When planning your trip build up your confidence by going over a weekend, then extend your trip to longer times.

Camping is not difficult, the more you camp the better prepared and easier it is each time. Hence the more you camp the more confidence you will have.

For your first time don’t travel too far away from your home. Stay in an area that you are familiar with and would be comfortable staying.

What you will need for camping are the following basic items;

  1. Tent
  2. Camping stove
  3. Food and snacks (unless you plan on buying food when you are out)
  4. Bottled water (the campsite might provide cleaning drinking water, so check that out by looking on their website)
  5. Toilet paper (depending on the campsite amenities where you are staying)
  6. Clean clothes
  7. Sleeping bag or donna
  8. Pillow
  9. Sleeping mattress
  10. Warm jacket

If you don’t have some of these items, like a tent and just trying out camping probably best to borrow some of these items before going out buying all the camping gear.

If you are going to buying this gear, check out product reviews, and its probably best not to buy the most expensive gear.

Keep in contact

In case you need to call someone to help Its best to take a mobile phone and charger with you camping.

Needing directions mobile phones are also useful with google maps.

Share the details of your trip, including where you are going, times, and dates with your family and friends.

People are generally good

Within any society there are not so good people, this is amplified in the media and news cycle. However, it’s important to remember most people are generally good and willing to help you out.

Final Thoughts

Going camping provides many benefits, taking us back to nature and offering a chance to recharge our batteries.

Camping isn’t difficult but can be daunting if you haven’t camped before or haven’t camped for some time.

The best way to introduce yourself to camping is to take short trips at the beginning, allowing your confidence to grow.

Also important to remember that people are generally good and will be willing to help you out if needed.

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