How to keep food cool for days

The scenario is you have been camping for 3 days now. Your esky, ice cooler, the ice chest is losing its cool. The ice has nearly all melted. You’re worried if the food is still good. Asking yourself, can I still eat the food, will it be okay? Should I throw out the meat and other perishables?

In this article, we’ll explore some ways on how to keep your esky, ice cooler, ice chest temperature to remain cooler for longer. 

Not all eskies are equal. Some have better insulation than others. Check out our article on how to buy the best cooler ice chests.

Cooldown before you go

A day or so before you travel, pack the esky with ice or ice blocks. Once ready to go one your adventure pack your food and drinks into the esky, By doing this, your food will be entering a cool esky opposed an esky being at room temperature.

Tip: freeze water in plastic bottles and place in esky will keep the esky cool for some time longer. Once defrosted, water in plastic bottles can be used as a refreshing drink.

Frozen Meals

Pre-cooked frozen meals placed the esky will allow food to be kept longer and keep esky cool.

Keep Esky out of the sun

Esky in the sun will speed up the melting of the ice. Therefore, keep the esky out of the sun. Place the esky in the shade, like under a tree or behind a car. Keep track of suns movement throughout the day and move the esky accordingly.

Last in first out

The food you plan on eating the last place down the bottom of the esky. Food to eat first placed last (top) of the esky. This will limit the disturbance including time esky lid is open.

Leave no gaps between food and ice

Pack the contents tight are possible. Placing spare ice and ice packs into the gaps and air pockets. This will keep the contents cooler for longer.

Take two eskys

What really makes the ice melt faster is the constant opening and shutting of the esky lid. Typically, the constant opening is to obtain drinks (especially when kids are about)

If you have the room suggest having an esky for drinks and others for food. This will dramatically reduce the number of times the lid to the food esky is opened, as a result, esky will remain cool.

Final Thoughts

Nothing worse than going away camping and food has become spoilt because all ice has melted and having to throw food away.  To avoid this from occurring we hope you enjoyed our top on how to keep your food cool for days.

Your food must be kept below 4°C (or above 60°C) to remain in the safe food temperature zone. Any food that strays outside this zone for longer than four hours should be binned.

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