How much does Hammock Setup Weigh? (with 20 examples)

Wanting to know the weight of a hammock and hammock setup?

Maybe you are wanting to know how hammock set-up weight compares to hiking tent.

I have spent several hours researching hammock, hammock quilts weight, and comparing it to hiking tent weight.

To answer help answer these questions please see below. 

So how much does hammock setup weigh? The average hammock setup weighs around 60 ounces / 1.7 kgs. These weights include a hammock, quilt, and tarpaulin. Hammocks themselves weigh an average of 24 ounces / 68 grams. Plus the average weight of a quilt is 25 ounces / 70 grams and then another 10 ounces / 28 grams for the tarp rain fly. That’s a total of ~60 ounces / 1.7 kgs for the full hammock set-up.

Now I have answered the main question, would like to share some detail and answer the additional questions regarding weight.  

I guess you have googled weight of hammocks for backpacking because you are trying to find out the overall weight of using a hammock, and are they lighter than a hiking tent?

To help to understand the total weight of hammock set-up have put together a list of popular hammocks, tarps, and under quilts and theIr weights.

How much does a Hammock Setup Weight (Summary)

Hammocks weigh an average of 24 ounces / 68 grams, plus average weighs of a quilt 25 ounces / 70 grams and then another 10 ounces / 28 grams for the tarp rain fly.

That’s a total of ~60 ounces / 1.7 kgs for the full set-up

If you don’t need a quilt that’s a weight saving of 25 ounces, total weight of 34 ounces (Hammock and Tarp)

Are Hammocks lighter than Tents?

Are hammocks set-up lighter than a tent?

The simple answer is yes, hammock set-up is lighter (average 60 ounces) than backpacking tent weighing average 3.36 pounds

You can find lighter weight backpacking tents that weigh only 1.39 lbs or .63 kg.

Hammock Weight by Type and Cost

The average weight of a Hammock is 24 ounces / 68 grams with an average cost of $115.

The average weight does include bug protection, webbing, and suspension.

These items will add additional ounces of weight approximately ~10 ounces / 28 grams

Product Measured Weight
– Package

Capacity (weight)

Warbonnet Original Blackbird 26 350-400 $155
Dutchware Chameleon 25 350 $160
Dream Sparrow 15 75 $195
Warbonnet Ridgerunner 35 200-250 $210
Sea to Summit Pro Double 24 400 $80
Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Classic 49 200 $219
Hennessy Expedition Asym Zip 44 200 $159
ENO Skyloft 44 250 $129
Grand Trunk OneMade Double 16 400 $97
Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter 12 200 $40
ENO SubLink Shelter System 5.7 300 $161
Kammok Roo 23 500 $65
Wise Owl Outfitters DoubleOwl 22 400 $40
Kootek Portable 23 400 $26
Trek Light Single 14 400 $60
ENO DoubleNest 18 250 $70
Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro 33 300 $90
REI Co-op Flash Air 44 300 $180
Grand Trunk Nano 7 7.5 400 $70
Sea to Summit Ultralight 6 300 $90
How much does Hammock Setup Weigh?


How much weight can a Hammock hold?

Hammocks typically hold between 200 to 500 pounds of weight.

There are hammocks that have a capacity of fewer than 200 pounds so it is always important to check the manufacturer’s rating.

How much does Hammock Setup Weigh?
How much does Hammock Setup Weigh?


Hammock Quilt Weight by Type and Cost

The average weight of a hammock quilt is 25 ounces / 70 grams with an average cost of $231.

Depending on the weather you may or may not require a quilt.

If you’re hanging in warm weather you might be able to get away using a sleeping bag.


Product Product
Price Seasons

OneTigris Shield Cradle Double

2.75 $95 3
Warbonnet Wooki 30 $200 4
Twilight Trekker 34 $94 3
Kompound 32 $60 4
ROC 35 $89 3
Feathered Friends Flicker UL 38 $400 4
Nunatak Arc UL Quilt 21 $350 4
EGQ Outdoor Bandit Top Quilt 23 $300 4
Zpacks Classic Quilt Sleeping Bag 19 $320 4
Enlightened Equipment Conundrum 24 $400 4
How much does Hammock Weigh?


The weight and cost of hammock quilts vary greatly.

The reason for the variance is the material the hammock quilts are made from.

Let’s take a further look at hammock quilts

What are Hammock Quilts made from?

A hammock quilt, much like a sleeping bag is made from nylon or polyester shell and filled with down fill or synthetic insulation or a combination of the two.

Prices of Hammock Quilts vary depending on the quality of the nylon and polyester shell.

Down Fill (goose feathers) are more expensive and will cost more than a synthetic-filled hammock quilt.

Down Fill with its insulation properties are better than Synthetic sleeping bags, for the reasons they are lightweight, keep you warmer and more durable than Synthetic.

The drawback to Down Fill is if it becomes wet it will lose insulation properties.

It will also take time to dry which is not good if you’re wanting to get some sleep.

To prevent the quilt from getting wet, best to look for a quilt with a water-resistant outer shell.

These types of quilts are labeled with (DWR) Durable Water Resistant.

Another option for added protection from wet weather is setting up a tarp that covers you from the rain.

What do Hammock Quilt Temperature Ratings Mean?

What does Three Season and Four Seasons mean?

Like sleeping bags, you often come across labels like “three-season” and “four-season.”

Basically, four-season quilts are equipped for winter weather, three-season quilts are good from spring to fall, and one-season quilts are built for warm summer trips.

Selecting a quilt based on “seasons” is much easier and many ways easier than selecting a quilt based on Down Fill power.

Depending on when you’re looking to go on your outdoor adventures check out the temperature ratings of quilts.

Hows do Fill Power work?

Fill Power is the universal rating system for the goose and duck down.

At first, it’s not the easiest measure to understand straight away, but once you do making the decision on your ideal down quilt will be a lot easier.

So basically, the “fill power” represents the volume in cubic metric centimeters of a single gram of down, when fully lofted or fully fluffed up.

The higher the fill power, the more air a certain weight of the down can trap, and thus the more insulating ability the down will have, keeping you warmer and comfortable.

Fill power ranges from about 300 for feathers to around 900 for the highest quality goose down.

The higher quality down (e.g. 900 fill) traps more insulating air pockets between the fine filaments than down of lower quality (e.g. 550 fill), and that’s why it expands to take up more space per gram.

Fill power is displayed in the form of a number, which you’ll normally find stitched somewhere on the outside of a quilt.

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