Easy camping food ideas

Food considerations when camping

Unsure of what food to take? Not sure how you will go cooking away from home and without the kitchen. Getting cooking right is important when going camping.

Nothing worse than being hungry or having family members telling you how hungry they are. Mealtime is important, it’s the time when everyone gets together and socialize. Below are our food considerations when camping.

There is some planning required before you go camping. Want to be enjoying yourself, not worrying about food. Running out of food is not only annoying but can be inconvenient and expensive if camped away from town. 

We have put together food considerations when camping below to make camping enjoyable and fun. 

food considerations when camping

Meal planning considerations

When planning meals, consider the ingredients you are taking, including how long you are going camping and the type of foods you are taking.

Refrigeration is a luxury, using coolers cool can be tricky and can quickly become uncool. Resulting in perishable food. We have an article on how to keep your food cool for days.

Perishables If meals include chicken, then eat this meal with the first few days. Want to avoid food poisoning because the chicken has not been kept at the right temperature in the cooler. 

Pre-cut vegetables and place them zip lock bags. These can be easily added to meals. 

Home Cooked, consider cooking a meal at home, freeze then take the frozen meal away camping.

Spices can boost the appeal of a meal. Consider spices (cumin, salt, pepper, pepper, basil, paprika, hot sauce) that can be used across multiple meals. When packing spices take up minimal space. 

Dry Foods, such as pasta, noodles instant rice, soup mixes take minimal space and weight. It can be used as a side or main meal. 

Canned foods are an affordable and easy option. However, packing large tins can take up valuable room.

food considerations when camping

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


Out of the three main meals is breakfast is probably the easiest of the three main meals to cover off. Packing your favorite cereals, muesli, bread is an easy option. If you are happy to cook bacon and eggs are an easy and affordable, tasty, and healthy way to start the day.  You just need to figure out how much to take depending on the number of days. 

Popular Choices, Muesli, Cereals, pancake mix, bacon and eggs, coffee and tea, powdered milk, fresh fruit, and juice. 


It’s always best to keep lunch simple. Cooking sumptuous meals can lead to hand washing and drying pots and pans. 

Popular Choices; Sandwiches 


Dinner is generally the time when everyone gets together and talks about the adventures of the day. A time to socialize over a meal.  We have written an article on the top 5 easy and healthy meal ideas.

Popular Choices Nachos, hamburgers, sausages, chicken wings, schnitzels, fried potatoes, sweet potato jackets, flatbread

Final Thoughts

With some planning you can have tasty and healthy meals which will enhance your camping experience, making it more enjoyable.

If you have other considerations when camping please leave your comments below. For easy and healthy recipes check out our article on this.  

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