Can i wear jeans hiking? Pants you should not wear hiking

So you’re off hiking and wondering if you can wear jeans or even tracksuit pants and leggings.

You might also be wondering what other pants you should not wear hiking.

Whilst jeans are a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn at home, down the street, at the local bar but are they suitable for hiking?

Can I wear jeans hiking?

Wearing jeans hiking is not recommended. When they become wet they will become heavy, they will stick to your body like a second skin-irritating your body causing rashes. They also become uncomfortable and restrictive when hiking.

Once soaked through jeans not only become uncomfortable to wear they also take time to dry.

Taking time too dry is not great especially if you need to wear them the next day. Putting on wet jeans is never fun.

Hiking is a physical activity, exerting energy you can quickly warm up making you sweat.

Wearing jeans when sweating will make you feel very uncomfortable, taking away the enjoyment of hiking.

If you are conscious of looking good, wearing jeans on the trails is not a great look.

So now I have answered that question about wearing jeans, you might be wondering what other items of clothing you should or shouldn’t wear hiking.

Can I wear tracksuit pants for hiking?

So can I wear tracksuit pants hiking? No, no way.

Imagine how uncomfortable tracksuits pants would become if they were wet.

Once they become soaked with water there is a risk of them falling down around your ankles. This could be very embarrassing.

Can I wear yoga pants hiking?

Yoga pants are recommended for hiking? They fit well, they’re comfortable and you already own a pair or two.

If needed, cold weather can double as a base layer in cold weather.

Can i wear jeans hiking? What pants you should not wear hiking
Can I wear jeans hiking? Pants you should not wear hiking

Can I wear legging pants for hiking?

Leggings are ideal for hiking. They are comfortable, lightweight, affordable, and can be easily rolled up and stowed away in your backpack.

If they get wet you can swap out the second pair from your backpack, be taken off, and wrung out for drying.

Like yoga pants act as like a base layer in cold conditions.

Can I wear compression tights hiking?

Compression pants are very popular these days and are suitable for hiking. 

You see people, particularly women wear compression pants at the gym to the park and the local cafe.

Compression pants are ideal for hiking, they are lightweight and hold close to your skin.

They are also designed to fit closely to your muscles to increase blood flow to your body, thereby increasing physical performance.

Compression pants are also thought to reduce lactic acid after a workout, helping recovery the next day. This is ideal if needing your muscle to recover from hiking.

The other positive about compression tights, they are lightweight, take up small amounts of room, and can be easily be stowed away in your backpack.

If you want a clean pair they can be swapped out with the ones you are wearing.

If you find yourself getting wet, they will dry quickly whilst wearing them. In warmer months will become dry in a matter of minutes.

Alternatively compression pants do get wet they can be taken off and hung out to dry, will quickly dry.

The other benefit of compression pants they offer UV protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

Can I wear cargo pants hiking?

Cargo pants are ideal for hiking. With plenty of pockets to store maps, compass, mobile phone plus other gear.

Try to steer clear of cotton cargo pants for the reason they work like a sponge when they are wet. They then become heavy, cause rubbing, and take too long to dry.

So do I need hiking or trekking pants?

Based on my experience you don’t need hiking or trekking pants. Especially if you’re the occasional hiker.

You do need pants that are comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

You don’t pants which are heavy and going to act like a sponge if they get wet. So ideally good to get moisture-wicking pants.

Leggings, yoga pants, and compression pants are suitable for hiking. Being lightweight, comfortable, and can be easily stowed away in your backpack.

If you are a regular hiker you might want to consider buying a pair or two of lightweight, moisture-wicking hiking pants.

Final Thoughts

Enjoyment of your hiking trip can be spoilt by the choice of pants you wear. It sounds strange but it is true.

Wearing jeans for example does not look good on the trails they are also impractical.

Best to wear pants that are lightweight, comfortable, and moisture resistant.

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