How do you keep a Dutch Oven from rusting?

The scenario is you have returned home from camping, unpacked the car, and put all the gear away. Now you have come across the dutch oven and wanted to know what needs to be done to ensure it doesn’t rust in storage. 

To prevent a dutch oven from rusting, clean the dutch over after every use, then dry the dutch oven thoroughly and lightly coat the cooking surface with cooking oil.

Now, I have answered that question, let’s discuss in detail how to ensure your dutch oven doesn’t rust. 

So how do I clean a Dutch Oven when camping?

To clean an enamel dutch oven, simply wash it with hot water, soap, and a nonmetal scrub pad.

For pesky burnt-on stains, use baking soda, a mineral abrasive cleaner, or a degreaser. Don’t use steel wool it will scratch the surface.

If your dutch oven is raw cast iron, only use hot water, soap will strip its seasoned coating. 

Pouring hot water on the pot and leaving it to soak for a few hours will help remove the grime.

Pesky grime uses fine steel wool and bicarb soda. Scrub the pot with oil and salt, which will clean and re-season it.

Coleman Cast Iron Dutch Oven

How do I storing a Dutch Oven after camping?

So you have returned from your camping trip, unpacked the car, and now looking to store the dutch oven.

Storing a dutch over after camping the Dutch Oven must be thoroughly clean. Never store your Dutch Oven with moisture, it must be stored dry.

Take the lid off to prevent air from becoming rancid and smelling foul.

This will also prevent rust, germs, and mold from forming.

Final Thoughts

If you have a campfire and family or more to feed Dutch Ovens are a fantastic way to cook dinner.

Sitting or standing around with family and friends chatting about life whilst your dinner cooks on the fire is exciting.

Dutch Ovens are easy to use and should last a lifetime, just a little care required to prevent mold, germs, and rust from forming.

If you are looking for Dutch Oven recipe ideas we have put together an article on Classic Dutch Oven meals.

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