Best Camping Sleeping Bags under 10 Pounds

Buying a camping sleeping bag is an important decision. It can be the difference between waking up freezing in the middle of the night or having a comfortable, cozy night sleep.

Allowing you to feel your best the next day. To help you make a decision we have performed a review on the best camping sleeping bags

Summary of Best Sleeping Bags under 10 pounds

Below is the summary of Best Sleeping Bags under 10 pounds

# Description Pounds Temp Price
1 Slumberjack Country Squire 0 10 $230
2 TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1 8.3 $119
3 Kelty Cosmic 20 2.6 20° $170
4 Coleman Brazos 20 4.0 20° $36
5 Kelty Galatic 30 2.3 30° $83

Our Review

For this article, we spoke with seasoned campers, read many reviews and testimonials. From there we narrowed down to 5 best sleeping bags under 10 pounds.

Critical Considerations

Want to know what to look for when choosing a backpack? What does suspension mean? What is the ventilation? How important is the price? Is comfort the most important factor?

Scroll to the bottom of the post to our Critical Consideration section we have these items listed for you.

5 Best Camping Sleeping Bags under 10 pounds

Slumberjack Country Squire 0

Slumberjack country squire best camping sleeping bags

Price $230
at Amazon

Temperature Rating; 0°F

Style; Rectangular

Weight; 10 lbs

Our Verdict

Sleeping in the Slumberjack Country Squire 0 is like sleeping in high-end hotel bed sheets.

Its pure camping luxury. Rolled up to an averaged size duffel bag and weighing a hefty 10 we would not suggest taking it backpacking.

The Slumberjack Country Squire 0 is a well built massive unit, packed with natural fiber materials will keep you incredibly warm, including in cold temperatures.

The downside to the lumberjack Country Squire 0 is the price tag of $230. If you’re not planning on not going on camping in cold conditions, there is the 20°F version at a cheaper cost of $170.

Overall, the Slumberjack Country Squire is a luxury well built durable product which is why it received our Editors Choice.

TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1

best camping sleeping bags 
TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1

Price $119
at Amazon

Temperature Rating 0°F

Style; Rectangular

Weight; 8.3 lbs

Our Verdict

TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1 will keep you warm and comfortable all night.

The inner fleece material feels is soft and comfortable and will keep all try of campers happy and refreshed from cozy night sleep, including 0°F weather.

The TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1 comes with zippers, pockets, drawstrings, and hang loops for long-term storage to maintain maximum longevity and fluffiness.

The easy to clean, lightweight packable sleeping bag comes at an affordable price of $119. For these reasons, the TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1 is selected as our Editors Choice with the Slumberjack Country Squire 0.

Kelty Cosmic 20

kelty cosmic
TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1

Price $170
at Amazon

Temperature Rating; 20°F

Style: Mummy

Weight; 2.63 lbs

Our Verdict

The Kelty Cosmic 20 is the most versatile sleeping bag. It can be used for both camping and backpacking.

A comfortable sleeping bag filled with 600 fill-down provides reasonable warmth for most of the year-round (maybe not winter).

We did like the soft feel of the sleeping bag. The construction of the sleeping pad felt right, including the zipper.

When choosing a sleeping bag to purchase, the Kelty Cosmic 20 needs to be a consideration at the affordable price of $170

Coleman Brazos 20

coleman sleeping bag

Price $36
at Amazon

Temperature Rating; 20°F

Style; Rectangular

Weight; 4.0 lbs

Our Verdict

The Coleman Brazos 20 is the cheapest bag in our list. It is for the cost-conscious adventurer or camper just wanting a sleeping bag.

Made from 100% polyester the Coleman Brazos 20 is suitable for temperatures ranging between 20°Ft o 40°F.

The lesser cost Coleman Brazos 20 comfort and quality is a step down when compared with other more expensive bags on our list. For the occasional camper camping in warmer conditions than its hard to go past the Coleman Brazos 20 at the price of $36.

Kelty Galatic 30

Kelty Galatic 30

Price $83
at Amazon

Temperature Rating; 30°F

Style; Rectangle

Weight; 2.3 lbs

Our Verdict

Most traditional rectangle camping bags are filled with synthetic material but not the Kelty Galatic 30. The Kelty Galatic 30 is filled with fluffy 600 fill-down making this sleeping bag super comfortable and warm.

Like its relative, Kelty Cosmic 20 the bag weight of 2.3 lbs can cross over to be used for backpacking.

For those who don’t feel comfortable in mummy type bags and looking for non-synthetic bag rectangle bags then the Kelty Galatic 30 should be considered at a reasonable price of $84.


Kinds of insulation

A sleeping bag traps air and keeps it from circulating.

This “dead air” around your body is warmed by the heat created by your body’s metabolism.

Remembering the bag forms a barrier between this air and the colder ground or outside air. Smaller spaces warm up faster and retain heat more efficiently.


When choosing a sleeping bag for trekking or hiking there are two different types of fill, Synthetic and Down Fill. Down Fill are feathers from geese and ducks.

Downfill insulation is more expensive than Synthetic, its lighter and more compressible. It is also more durable and provides greater warmth. Typically the high level of Downfill in a bag the more expensive the bag (visa versa).

A note about ethical down: Most brands take steps to monitor the treatment of ducks and geese that provide down.

You can identify a bag from one of those manufacturers when you see it labeled as either RDS (Responsible Down Standard) or TDS (global Traceable Down Standard).

To learn about what goes into those standards, read Animal Welfare and Outdoor Gear.

enjoy the outdoors by choosing the best camping sleeping bags for you


Synthetic insulation offers solid performance at an affordable price. Unlike down, it continues to insulate when wet, so it’s the bag of choice for damp climates. 

Downfill versus Synthetic

Insulation Type Key Benefit
Down Lightweight
Easy to compress
Excels in cold, dry conditions
Synthetic Quick-drying
Insulates when wet

Temperature Rating

Because waking up shivering is a terrible experience, it is best to have a sleeping bag that will keep you warm. If you have a reasonable idea of what temperature you will be sleeping in, you can pick a bag based temperature ratings.

How are they rated?

In the past manufacturers test their own sleeping bags using a variety of methods.

The sleeping bag industry solved this by agreeing to industry standards, however not all manufacturers use or rate their bags.

The EN (European Norm), was the original standard adopted by the sleeping bag industry.

Today, a new entity, the ISO (International Standards Organization), oversees bag testing, but the method is almost identical to the EN bag test. (Because ISO testing is so similar to EN testing, you can compare your old EN-rated bag to a newer bag that sports an ISO temperature rating when you shop.)

Image supplied by Sea to Summit

The standard measures 3 temperature ratings:

Comfort – the temperature at which a standard woman can expect to sleep comfortably, without feeling cold and in a relaxed position.

Lower Limit – the temperature at which a standard man inside the bag sleeping in a curled position is starting to feel cold but not shivering, this is the limit of performance for the sleeping bag.

Extreme – at this temperature anyone can expect to feel particularly cold and there is a risk of hypothermia. You should only use the sleeping bag in this range when it’s an emergency.

If you want to read more about the EN 13537 rating standards and validity, there is a paper from the Outdoor Industry which discusses in detail.

Final Thoughts

Waking up cold in the middle of the night making you feel wrecked will quickly spoil your camping adventure. I know from experience.

Therefore, buying a warm, comfortable at the right price point is an important decision.

In conclusion, if you are after a warm, durable quality sleeping bag we recommend the Slumberjack Country Squire and the TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1 sleeping bags.

We hope you have enjoyed this review of the Best Camping Sleeping Bags.

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