Average Weight of Roof Top Tent ? With 12 examples

I assume you have googled the weight of Roof Top Tents because you are trying to figure out the weight of Roof Top Tent that can be placed on the roof of your vehicle.

Getting the right amount of weight on your roof is critical. You do need to consider the weight of the Roof Top-Tent and the weight of occupants sleeping in the tent. 

In short, the average weight of the Roof Top Tent is around 134 lbs /60 kgs. These weights are based on popular Roof Top Tents on the market today. 

Now I have answered the main question, would like to share some detail and answer the additional questions regarding weight.

To help to understand the total weight of Roof Top Tents have put together a list of popular Roof Top Tents and their weights.

Roof Top Tent Weight by Type

Weights of popular Roof Top Tents 

Name Price Weight Floor Area  Max 
GentleTent Roof Top Tent $3,500 55 38 51
Kings Roof Top Tent $700 125 38 51
Tepui Kukenam 3 $1,200 130 38 55
Front Runner Roof Top Tent $1,263 130 35 55
Tepui Autana 3 $2,000 138 38 52
Yakima SkyRise Medium $1,600 138 38 52
Darche Hi-View 1600 $2,300 141 38 52
Smittybilt Overlander $925 144 38 51
ikamper Skycamp 2.0 $4,000 155 38 51
ARB 803804 Simpson Tent $2,500 185 38 51
Average Weight of Roof Top Tent

What is the Lightest Roof Top Tent?

What is the lightest rooftop tent? The lightest rooftop tent is the GentleTent Roof Top Tent, weighing only 55 pounds

According to their website the GT Tent is the world’s first inflatable rooftop tent, GT Roof is killing two birds with one stone: It combines a cozy atmosphere with generous spaciousness in the tent interior and lowest weight with smallest pack size for easy transport.

Setting the rooftop tent up is done within 10 minutes using the pump, which is included in the purchase. Dismantling will just take as much time.

Photo courtesy of GentleTent

If you would like to know more about Gentletent check out their website

Can my car handle Roof Top Tent Weight?

You do not want a tent that your roof cannot handle. Look at your vehicle’s manual and weight of the tent you are putting onto it.

Also factor in the weight of people sleeping in the tent (typically 200 lbs).

Two people sleeping in the tent would be 400 lbs. The weight of tents on the market ranges from 100 lbs to 250 lbs.

Each vehicle manufacturer has a weight limit on how much weight the roof can handle.  

Obviously it is important to get this one right.  This is known as Static Weight Capacity (SWC), where the vehicle is sitting idle. 

You will also need to check the roof racks manufacturers manual on how much weight it can handle.

If you through out the manual months ago, call the manufacturer or check out manufacturers’ specifications on the internet.

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