Average Kayak Weight (with 18 examples)

I assume you have googled the weight of kayaks because you are trying to figure the weight and if you can carry and transport it. 

To help we have put together list of popular kayaks and their weight below.

The average kayak weight is around 50 lbs /23 kgs pounds dry weight, which means the weight of kayak without any water or gear.  These weights are based on kayaks made from Polyethylene material.

Obviously, weight depends dramatically on the length of kayak and the construction type of the kayak.

I have tabled kayaks the different construction  and their weight

Kayak Weight by Material Type

Polyethylene Kayaks Weights

These are a few example of popular Kayaks and how much they weight. 

Product Weight Length
Wilderness Systems
Aspire 105
48lbs / 22kg 10’6″ / 3.2m
Tarpon 100 55lbs / 25kg 10′ / 3.0m
Malibu 11.5 59lbs / 26.7 kg 11’5″ / 3.5m
Perception Tribe 11.5* 52lbs / 24kg 11’5″ / 3.5m
Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 40lbs / 18kg 10′ / 3.0m
Average Weight 50.8lbs / 23 kg  

Inflatable Kayaks Weights

These are a few example of popular Kayaks and how much they weight.

Product Weight Length
Sea Eagle SE370K_P 26 lbs / 11.7kg 12’ 6” / 3.2m
Intex Explorer K2 Kayak 31 lbs / 14kg 10’ 3” / 2.5m
Intex Challenger K1 Kayak 23.9 lbs / 11kg 9’ / 2.2m
Sevylor Quikpak K1 1 18 Ibs / 8.1kg 8’7″ / 2.2m
Oru Beach LT 26.1 lbs / 11.7kg 12’3 / 3.1m
Advanced Elements
33.25 lb / 15kg 32″ / 8m
Convertible Tandem
55.2 lbs / 25kg 15″ / 4m
Average Weight 30lbs / 14kg  

Composite Kayak Weights

These are a few example of popular Kayaks and how much they weight.

Product Weight Length
Prijon Proteus 48 lbs / 21 kg 17″ / 4m
S15 Touring  35 lbs / 15.7Kg 15″ / 4m
Prijon Yukon K11 63 lbs / 29kg 39″ / 9m
Average Weight 104 lbs /47kg  

Folding Kayak

These are a few example of popular Kayaks and how much they weight.

The kayaks below are made using 5mm double-layered polypropylene

Product Weight Length
Oru Kayak Beach  26 lbs / 12kg 39″ / 3.6m
Oru Kayak Bay ST Folding Kayak – 12′ 28 lbs / 12kg 39″ /3.6m
Oru Kayak Haven 40 lbs / 18kg 62″ / 5.1m
Average Weight 31 lbs / 14 kg  

Average Kayak Weight by Material Type

average kayak weights

In short composite built kayaks are the heaviest 104 lbs /47kg. Next heaviest is the polyethylene built kayaks at 50 lbs /23kg.

Inflatable kayaks and folding kayaks have average weight of 31 lbs / 14 kg

Kayak Construction Types

Polyethylene (PE) Kayaks

Polyethylene is the most popular kayak material used today.

They are made with powder being poured into a mold, heated and rotated to form a complete, one-piece kayak.

Compared to other materials, polyethylene is cheaper, making it popular in making and selling kayaks.

Polyethylene kayaks are durable and hardwearing.

Repairing then can be a challenge but possible. They do have a life span and impacted by the UV.

Composite Kayaks

Generally composite kayaks (fiberglass etc.) are built from two sheets of ABS type plastic that is heated and vacuum molded then seamed together at the gunwale similar to assembling a fiberglass  kayak.

Making a composite kayak takes a skilled craftsman to cut the fabric, placing it into the mold and coating it with exposy resin, squeezing out the excess. This process is repeated.

The hull and deck must be molded separately and then joined by hand.

Then, once the hull and deck are joined, the entire kayak must be painted with gel coat and then outfitted.

So long as they are maintained corrected, composite kayaks will last a lifetime.

Fibreglass does not become brittle with age.

Inflatable Kayaks

Typically inflatable kayaks are typically made from PVC. The benefits of kayaks made from PVC, they are durable, lightweight and less expensive. 

Inflatable kayaks have come along way in recent years. They are indeed safe, reliable and durable. Just as good as many traditionally many kayaks. 

Transporting inflatable kayaks is simple, they deflate and pack the size of a small case that can be loaded into the back of a car. 

Inflatable kayaks if looked after and stored correctly should last many years.  

Folding Kayak

Inflatables are generally made of either PVC or Hypalon (polyurethane) skin which is pulled over a frame.

Modern day folding kayaks can be easily unpacked and assembled within 10 minutes.

Folding kayaks are light weight, affordable and can easily be transported and stored away taking up minimal space.

Average kayak weight
Photo Courtesy Oru Kayak

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