Are Pop-Up Camper Trailers any good? Reasons to buy a Pop-Up Camper Trailer

So you’re thinking about buying a Pop-Up Camper Trailer?

Or maybe you see Pop-up Camper Trailers around the camping grounds and just curious to understand if pop-up trailers are any good.

If you are planning on buying Pop-Up Camper Trailer it’s worthwhile doing your research.

Pop-Up Camper Trailers are very good.  The reason they are affordable when compared to other RV’s. Pop-up Camper Trailers are also lightweight, making them easy to tow around and fuel-efficient. When it comes to maintaining they are cost-effective and if looked after will last many years.

So now I have answered the many questions, let me provide further information on why Pop-Up Camper Trailers are worth it. 

Pop-Up Camper Trailers are affordable

Pop-up trailers are the next level up from sleeping in a tent.

They are also more comfortable than sleeping in a tent.

The next level up from a pop-up camper trailer is sleeping in an RV.

There is also a step-up in the cost. From anywhere between $20 to $150k, depending on size and type of RV.

In comparison, the cost of a pop-up camper trailer ranges between $4k to $20k.

The cost varies depending on if you are buying a new or used trailer.

If you are buying a new pop-up camper trailer the cost will range from $10k to $20k depending on the size and features.

If you had a budget of $10k to spend on a new pop-up camper trailer you could get a quality camper like the Jay Sport camping trailer.

The Jay Sport camping trailer comes with a decent size floor plan, cabinetry to store cooking gear.

A comes with a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for twenty-four (24) months or twenty-four thousand (24,000) miles.

If you had a budget of around $20k it would allow you to buy the luxurious Forest River Rockwood Pop-Up Camper.

This camper comes with a raft of features, such as a sizeable kitchen area that includes ample bench space along with a three gas-burner cooktop with a grill/oven, a double plastic sink with hot/cold taps, microwave oven, and 90 liter Dometic three-way fridge.

You don’t need a truck to tow a pop-up trailer

One of the benefits of a pop-up camper trailer is the weight.

They weigh a lot less than a caravan or trailer camper.

Pop-up camper trailers only weighing between 700 to 1800 pounds (that’s dry weight).

Sedan’s can generally tow a trailer or camper weighing 1500 to 1800 pounds.

It’s important to get this bit right. You are legally responsible for operating your vehicle at the correct towing capacity.

Before you purchase a pop-up camper or any RV for that matter, make sure you check your vehicle’s towing capacity.

Your vehicles towing capacity can be found in your vehicle’s manual. Also, check the gross weight of the caravan you are weighing.

You also want to factor in the weight of any items you are placing within the caravan.

This weight needs to be added to the pop-up trailer dry weight.

Tow Ball Capacity

If you are unsure of the tow ball capacity, highly recommend you check with the manufacturer, but first, make sure that is within the maximum tow ball weight allowance of the tow ball/tow vehicle manufacturer. 

Tow ball capacity you should go over 10-12% of your vans total weight on the tow ball to avoid sway and disaster. for instance, if your caravan weighs 5900 your ball weight should be 590 Ibs.

Pop-Up Camper Trailers are easy to set-up

Setting up a pop-up camper trailer is quick and easy.

It should only take a few minutes depending on the set-up.

New models are even easier and quicker to set-up with clever lift systems.

Pressing a switch roof lift and extend themselves and automatically stopping at the appropriate height.

No restrictions on camping grounds

Unlike RV who has length restrictions on camping grounds.

There is no such issue with a pop-up camper because of their compact size.

Another benefit of the compact size and low weight, pop-up campers can be easily transported including ventures down narrow, dirt roads that might pose hazards to those driving larger recreational vehicles.

Pop-up Camper Trailers are easy to store

Because of the compact size of the pop-up trailer they are easy to store and don’t take up too much room.

You might be able to store the pop-up trailer in the garage, depending on size.

Still close to nature

A step up from camping in a tent, pop-up camper trailers still give the sense you’re still out there camping.

With thin walls you can still hear was going on around you.

You can still hear the birds and other animals around you.

There’s not heaps of room inside a pop-up camper trailer so you will still find yourself outside.

A place to stow your gear

No need to worry about pack and unpacking boxes in your vehicle.

There’s enough storage in the camper for your camping gear.

The kitchen has cupboards for your pots and pans and utensils.

Pillows and bedding can also be kept in the pop-up camper trailer.

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