5 fantastic Teardrop Camper Trailers under 2000 lbs

Despite falling out of favor in the 1960s, the Teardrop camper trailers are making a comeback.

For good reason, with their sleek retro look and lightweight compact design, there is a lot to be liked.

We have tracked down the best rooftop campers, campervans, tents and now the 5 fantastic Teardrop camper trailers under 2000 lbs

5 fantastic Teardrop Camper Trailers under 2000 lbs

There may be other great teardrop camper trailers out there, but these are the ones we liked under 2000 lbs.

Cool Bean Campers $32k ATM 1800 lbs (816 kgs)

We have come to know Australia for its off-road camper trailers but they also build cool Teardrop campers trailers.

Built-in Perth, Western Australia Cool Bean Campers feature an interior cosy queen size bed and 3 large cupboards and drawers. The rear lifts up exposing a stainless steel kitchen.

Every Cool Bean Camper is constructed using aluminium and plywood material.

The interior is made using marine grade stainless steel hardware and fittings that should last a lifetime.

The curvy teardrop trailer is a with a warm two-person cabin, gourmet galley, smartphone monitoring and plenty of storage.

Pop the tailgate, and you find a kitchen with a distinctive design all its own, starting with rounded-face cabinetry following the overall curviness of the trailer.

The kitchen comes with a stainless steel sink atop the worktop and a 60L Engel fridge/freezer and dual-burner stove on slide-outs below, amongst the drawers.

For those looking wanting to get off the bitumen, they offer an off-road version built with a fully welded heavy-duty chassis.

If you would like to know more check out their website

Photo Courtesy Cool Bean Camper

If you would like to know more check out their website

Tiny Camper $15k ATM 1,650 lbs (748 kgs)

Lithuanian based Tiny Campers builds two different types of campers, both built in a steel chassis and made with natural Baltic birch wood.

fantastic Teardrop Camper Trailers
Photo Courtesy Tiny Camper

The Tearcuby (1,650 pounds) is the larger model made for sleeping a family in a queen-size bed and a child-size bunk.

The Mini (1,410 pounds) is the smaller model, designed and built for two people sleeping on a queens size bed.

Photo Courtesy Tiny Camper

Inside feels light and airy with the large panoramic window on either side of the doors.

The back opens up with a kitchen featuring 2 mini open shelves, 3 closed cabinets and 2 large bottom cabinets.

fantastic Teardrop Camper Trailers
Photo Courtesy Tiny Camper

For those handy people, they do offer DIY in the Mini in kit form.

The cost of shipping is not included in the price above and will need to be factored into when purchasing.

If you would like to know more check out their website

Happier Camper Dry Weight 1100 lbs (500 kgs)

Most teardrops are made from aluminium or plywood. Here’s were the HC1 Travel Trailer by Happier Camper is different. The HC1 is built from 1.5-inch thick honeycomb fibreglass making it strong yet light.


Weighing only 1100 pounds the HC1 is super easy to tow, meaning it could be towed by most vehicles (but always check and double your own vehicles towing weight. If in doubt contact vehicles manufacturer)

fantastic Teardrop Camper Trailers

There is much to be likely about the HC1. What is certainly unique is the Lego-like modular interior or “Adaptive” modular system, that allows users to swap out furniture components creating a variety of living spaces as they see fit.

fantastic Teardrop Camper Trailers

What also makes the HC1 remarkable and differs from other teardrop camper trailers is the spacious interior walkable floor space of 42 feet and 6 feet of headroom.

If you would like to know more check out their website

Cricket Camper – Taxa Outdoors $30k Dry Weight 1,800 lbs (816 kgs)

The Cricket Camper really grabbed my attention. The crew at Taxa Outdoors have really pushed the envelope with the design of the Cricket Camper.

Built for star gazing, the Cricket Camper expands to sleep two adults and up to two children, with plenty of storage space for your gear.

You’ll also find LED interior lighting with reading light, facing seats and café table, and 12V accessory and USB outlets.

With comfortable and secure interior space, integrated plumbing and electrical systems, and other thoughtful refined design elements, it’s ready for wherever the road may lead.

With its four swing windows and mesh windows within the pop-up roof creating a beautiful view of your surroundings.

The kitchen comes with a two-burner stove and sink and six large cubbies will allow you to comfortably cook up your favourite camping meal.

If you would like to know more check out their website

TerraDrop $23k Dry Weight 1,200 lbs (544 kgs)

The TerraDrop from Oregon Trail’R, is a custom-built teardrop style off-road trailer.

One of the benefits of owning a teardrop os weight and size. Towing a teardrop has minimal impact on your tow vehicles fuel economy, due to their small stature, lightweight, and excellent aerodynamics.

Photo Courtesy of Terradrop

A refractive interior lighting system keeps the inside warm while the outside includes a full-camping kitchen and attachments for a roof rack, gear, and other supplies

fantastic Teardrop Camper Trailers
Photo Courtesy of Terradrop

They are conversation starters. People are attracted to teardrop trailers, so be prepared to be the centre of attention at campgrounds, rest areas, gas stations, and even on the highway.

If you would like to know more check out their website

Common Teardrop Camper Trailer Questions

What are Teardrop Trailer Campers made from?

Typically, Teardrop camper trailers are built from aluminium and plywood with stainless steel hardware and fittings throughout.

There is the exception where some trailers are made with fibreglass (i.e. Happy Camper)

Can you stand-up in a Teardrop Camper Trailer?

Tear-drops are compact, so no you cannot stand-up in tear-drop campers and there will not be toilets or showers.

However, like everything, there are exceptions such as the Happy Camper that provides headspace up to six foot.

Can you sleep in Teardrop Campers Trailers?

Yes, teardrop campers are designed with a sleeping compartment that comfortably sleeps at least two people.

The purpose of teardrop campers is to provide a base for storing gear, sleeping compartment for sleeping and built-in kitchen for sleeping.

How many people can Sleep in a Tear Drop Camper?

Most TearDrop Campers are designed for two people to sleep. There are some bigger ones that can fit up to four people.

If you wanting more you could have a custom-built Tear Drop Camper to meet your camping needs, however, will end up becoming a large heavy unit.

Can my car tow a Teardrop Camper Trailer?

Teardrop campers are lightweight and do not require a powerful vehicle to tow around.

That’s one of the benefits of teardrops they can be towed by a car.

Being small and lightweight they are manoeuvrable, more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly than a conventional camper.

How do I find my towing capacity?

Check your vehicles towing capacity. This can be found in your vehicle’s manual. If you cannot find it check with the manufacturer

Also, check the gross weight of the Teardrop camper trailer. If you are placing items inside this weight needs to be factored in.

Don’t overload the Teardrop camper trailer. If you want extra bits put them in the vehicle or don’t take them, leaving them at home.

If you are placing items in your Teardrop camper trailer, place heavy items on the floor, lighter items in the cupboards above.

What is the benefit of a Teardrop Camper Trailer?

Economical with less fuel consumption; Teardrops are very light and easily towed behind a small car. This can be very economical and much cheaper to haul than a large caravan.

Cost, Teardrops are smaller in size and come with fewer amenities making them significantly cheaper to buy than a camper trailer. This is great if your camping on a budget.

Maintenance;  Teardrops are so easy to manage and do not require much maintenance.

Manoeuvrable; Being smaller they are more versatile and go places a campervan cannot go.  They can also be easily towed around campsites and even go off-road if permitted.

Unlike large campervans, you’re not confined to campgrounds With teardrops you can safely tow them in the backcountry behind your vehicle without getting stuck.

Teardrops act as a fantastic base that you can come to after exploring the backcountry.

Final Thoughts

Having a small teardrop camper trailer gives you the freedom and ability to hook up and tow away.

Compared to other camper trailers they cost less to buy upfront with the ongoing running cost being less.

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